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Things I Learned This Week

That grief is grief is grief. Those who tell you it gets better with time are liars.

That no matter how you think you’re prepared for Ohio winter you’re never prepared for an Ohio winter.

That worry is a total waste of time. Whatever the worst case scenario is, your worry won’t help fix it and when it’s not the worst case scenario you’ve wasted all that time for nothing.

That family drama is actually entertaining when it doesn’t involve you.

And finally – there’s a reason why they’re called ex-husbands

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Heat Wave

The high temperature today was 48 degrees . . .

The snow and ice that accumulated last weekend is now making the back yard a soggy mess . . .

Millie is outside lounging in her favorite spot on the deck . . .

Gotta love January in Ohio . . .


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False Alarm


Gnomie is trying to figure out where the snow is!

The weather geeks started the winter weather frenzy on Friday with the dire prediction of 6 to 10 inches of snow. Followed by “the lowest temperatures in 20 years” of majorly below zero wind chill temps on Monday and Tuesday.

I’m thinking “yay! Snow day for me!” Because it’s hard to claim a snow day when you live two miles from work.

Even Fluff decided he’d better hunker down. He came in Friday morning and hasn’t been out since.

The dogs are excited because Mommy is excited and that always means cookies for them.

So Prince Charming and I do the good child thing and check on the parents. Mine were out doing errands so they didn’t need anything. Mrs. Charming needed us to get some basic stuff for her, so we added her stuff to our list and off we went. Got everything done, got home, and we’re ready for the “White Death From Above” to begin.

It was supposed to start between 3 and 4 am. Millie got me up at 4:30 am to potty. No snow. She got me up at 7:30 for breakfast and still no snow. Checking the weather forecast told me that the prediction was now for rain and 1 to 2 inches of snow.

As of right now, it’s 36 degrees and still raining.

If they are wrong about the snow, maybe they are wrong about the sub-zero temps too?

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