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After a two week deep freeze, we had an unusually warm day yesterday.

Millie loved it. She was outside a lot. Hanging out on the deck watching the world go by.

Today it’s about 40 degrees cooler. Millie wants to know where the warm weather went. She’s been an Ohio girl 9 years but she still doesn’t understand how fickle Ohio weather can be.

Poor thing.

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Poor puppies have been waiting all day for the snow. They’ve endured freezing rain and sleet all day. Now they’ve got the snow they’ve been waiting for . . . and some pretty wicked wind they don’t want.

Tomorrow should be big fun for them.

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You Know It’s Bad

There’s an unwritten rule that Catholic Churches never cancel services because of weather.

During big snow storms all kinds of Churches cancel services but never a Catholic Church.

There’s a big storm coming my way tomorrow. Cancellations for weekend events have been rolling in all afternoon.

Imagine my surprise when one of the first Churches to cancel services was a Catholic Church.

Y’all it’s the end of the world as we know it.


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Deja Vu

Hello winter. Guess you’re gonna stay a while, huh?

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A True Ohioan

Plans a vacation day to go grocery shopping to avoid the “white death from above” pre winter storm shopping frenzy.

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Winter Storm Advisory


The weather geeks are calling for snow . . . somewhere between 3 and 6 inches . . . I can only hope they’re not wrong . . . I’ve always said if it’s going to be cold (and since it’s Ohio it’s always cold in January), we should at least have snow . . . and it’s been dreary and cold lately . . . we need some snow to brighten things up a bit . . .

And it’s snowing on a weekend . . . where I don’t have to go anywhere . . . so BONUS!!

(This is an old picture . . . we don’t have any snow yet . . . I’m just hoping that we get at least this much snow . . . so I can take an updated picture)


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November 15

We got snow . . .

Started out as a “winter weather advisory” when I went to bed last night.  Was an “ice storm warning” when I got up for work this morning.  Car was caked in ice.  I walked through the yard so I wouldn’t slip on the sidewalk.  Poor dogs didn’t want to go out to potty this morning because even the covered part of the deck was slick because of the ice.

Just about every school in three counties closed because of the weather.  The rain/ice stopped about lunch time and it started to snow.  We have about an inch of snow on top of the lovely layer of ice . . .

And, for the first time in three years, I didn’t get to enjoy the snow day . . .

Gosh I miss working at a school . . .

But it was FREE BOOK DAY so I guess I can’t really complain . . .



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November 13

The weather geeks were calling for snow today . . .

I was excited . . . because snow means cold, means freezing temperatures, means killing the things that cause allergy problems for me, Millie and Rocky . . .

The weather geeks lied . . .

More allergy meds for us . . .

I am not happy . . .

Remind me of this post in March/April and I’m sick of snow and ready for spring.


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The cold snap is over.

We finally made it double digit positive temperatures.

We are finally able to turn off the kitchen faucet. I think the danger of frozen pipes is over.

And NOW we get the snow we were supposed to get over the weekend.


Silly weather geeks!

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