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I’m writing a post about my Florida vacation.

Loving the sun, sand, pools

It’s been hotter then heck.

It rains for 30 to 45 minutes and then it stops. Sometimes you get stuck in a store and have to shop some more. Sometimes you get stuck at a beachside bar and just have to consume a few more beverages.

People are curious about my “accent” and I don’t have an accent.

I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally deleted most of it.

The “undo” button is next to the space bar on my iPad.

Curse, swear, filth and foul.

I’m headed to the beach.

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Prince Charming had a rule about planning your next vacation before the end of your current vacation. We planned to come back to Myrtle Beach after our trip last year. We made reservations Thanksgiving weekend during the resorts Black Friday special.

Thoughts of coming back to the beach got me through some dark times after Prince Charming’s death.

Parts of this trip have been horribly hard. Parts have been wonderful. I miss him terribly and I see him everywhere.

But I am enjoying every minute of doing nothing and soaking up the sun.

This trip is one of the greatest gifts he’s given me.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Prince Charming took me on a trip.  It was my birthday gift.  He did the planning.  He did the research.  He made the reservations.

All I had to do was pack!

He took me to Cleveland!  Cleveland?  Yes, Cleveland!


We visited the “A Christmas Story House”.

Anyone who knows and loves Ralphie knows this house!


We went to the beach . . .

okay, it wasn’t Florida or Myrtle Beach but it had waves, it had sun, it had sand . . . it was perfect!


We went to the Lighthouse in Fairport Harbor.

Yes, I walked at 69 steps to the top . . .

This is the view from the top!

See that red car?  That’s the Dogmobile.  I almost didn’t recognize it.

And you can’t go to Cleveland without going to the Rock Hall of Fame.

The Rock Hall was too cool for words . . .


We ate at fun places!

“The Dude Abides” at Melt Bar and Grilled.


Chicken Paprikash at Sterle’s Country House

It was three days away from work, away from the daily stress that was threatening to choke me . . . just me and Prince Charming (the doggies went to Puppy Camp for three days) . . . and it was heaven.

It was the best birthday present ever!


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The other day Prince Charming and I were talking about vacation plans for 2012.

He asked a very simple question, “Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?”

(inset crickets chirping here)

He sat there with a smile on his face waiting for an answer.  And I had no answer to give him.  See, I’ve never been asked that question before.  I’ve never had anybody care about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go.

For the last 15 – 20 years, my vacations have consisted of XH’s bowling tournaments, visiting the step-daughter and her kids, or taking time off for MIL’s health concerns (hospitalizations, surgeries, tests, procedures).

There was the trip to Niagara Falls for our 10th wedding anniversary and the trip to Gatlinburg during one of the years that step-daughter was mad at XH.  Two trips in a 26 year marriage that were my idea.  Yes, I know how lopsided it seems.  Which was part of the problem in my marriage.  But I digress!

So there I am looking at Prince Charming’s beautiful smile and wondering how to answer him.

So I tell him some big dreams I have for vacations in the future.  I tell him some small simple ideas I have for trips close to home since there are serious budget concerns.  I tell him that I have no idea how to answer his question because I’ve seriously never given it any thought.  I tell him that it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do as long as we are doing it together.  He tells me that someday we will be able to do all the things on my list.  He laughs and tells me that he knows that all of this is a new concept for me.

Seriously, though, when your wildest dream has become your new reality, every day is a vacation day.


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