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Sending Christmas Cards

Yup . . . that’s what I’m doing tonight.

Home alone with the doggies stuffing Christmas cards into envelopes.  Trying to figure out how to print labels with the new printer.  Laughing at my unfounded fear of licking envelopes because of a silly episode of Seinfeld!  And hoping I can find the Peanuts Christmas stamps at the post office on Monday.

Life as a single girl is just a whirl of non-stop activity!




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It’s hotter than blue blazes here in Ohio.

High temps during the day in the mid to upper 90’s with humidity to match!  Low temps at night at like 80 something.

Heat & humidity have given me a migraine that will. not. go. away!

Thank Heaven the AC is working!  Although I’m paranoid that it’s gonna break and I’m too broke to get it fixed!

Too hot to cook.  Too hot to cut the grass.  Too hot to clean the house.

Darn . . .

What’s a newly single girl with a hot new boyfriend to do??!!

We went to Wal-Mart today for the pure enjoyment of people watching . . .

What did you think we did??!!

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