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Home Again, Home Again

After a short shopping trip in Amish Country, I’m home from my girls weekend trip.

Lunch at my favorite burger spot with the bestie.  Then home to get the doggies and start laundry.

Wonderful hearing the sound of the doggies snoring . . .



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It’s The Little Things

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you find a chocolate milk dispenser in the hotel breakfast area.


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A True Ohioan

Plans a vacation day to go grocery shopping to avoid the “white death from above” pre winter storm shopping frenzy.

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While I was taking down the Christmas tree last night, I realized I might have a bit of an obsession with Hallmark ornaments.

And Willow Tree figures.

Not bad for someone who hates Christmas.


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When You Work At A Library

You go to a book store and take pictures of interesting books so you can find them at the library instead of buying them.

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It Never Fails

A few months ago, I was looking for a new comforter for my bed. I found several I liked but they were fairly expensive . . . So I went to a local discount store to look at their comforters. They didn’t have too many in the size I wanted. But I found one I liked at a fairly decent price.

While I was looking I saw many different and lovely comforters that were twin sized and reasonably priced.

Today I went looking for twin sized comforters for the grandsons. Guess what I discovered . . .

Lots of king sized comforters and very few twin sized comforters suitable for little boys.

It never fails. I can always find something I like when I don’t need it.

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Wild Saturday Night

Tonight’s adventure with Mom involved picking out Nerf guns for the grandsons and teaching her about self scan registers at Kroger.

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November 22

Happy Thanksgiving . . .

This is the 5th Thanksgiving without Prince Charming . . .

This is the 4th Thanksgiving without my Dad . . .

This is my Great Nephew’s first Thanksgiving . . .

This is Third Niece’s first Thanksgiving as a married woman . . .

This is Second Niece’s first Thanksgiving as an engaged woman . . . and she told Mom today that her and her fiancé are planning to buy a bigger house and they will be hosting Thanksgiving next  year . . . but her fiancé doesn’t quite know that little detail yet!

It was a good day . . . lots of food . . . lots of yummy desserts . . . lots of online shopping after dinner while we were looking at the Black Friday ads . . .

It was a good day . . .


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November 26

I had some work done to The Little House over the last month or so.  Nothing terribly serious . . . just a repair to a drain pipe and replacing the basement shower.

Just enough to trigger my homeowner anxiety . . . am I doing the right thing?  Oh shit, how expensive is this going to be?  Is this ever going to get finished?  Will it be what I wanted?

Everything turned out fine . . . project wasn’t horribly over budget but a rainy streak did put a bit of a damper on getting the outside stuff done quickly.  Shower is done and working fine . . . except I needed a light for the shower.

Did some research.  Did some shopping.  Found a workable alternative to installing a light in the shower.  I bought a “project light” to put on the floor outside of the shower to shine light into the shower.  Works just fine.  Light was on sale at the Big Box Hardware Store.  Pretty pleased with the solution if I do say so myself.

Brought the light home and took it out of the box.  There’s a space on the instruction/warranty booklet for the purchase date and the serial number.  And it suggested stapling the receipt to the booklet for easy reference.  I did not hesitate to do those items.  Because it’s what my Dad did every time he bought an appliance, a tool, or just about anything.  There’s a drawer in my parent’s house with all sorts of booklets – some of them for things they no longer own.  Dad’s advice was “You never know when you might need that” and so I also have a “information” drawer with all sorts of instruction/warranty booklets . . .

Yes, I heard Dad’s voice tell me “you better fill that out, Pamela” . . . when I saw the booklet in the bottom of the box . . . and I couldn’t rest until I had it safely in the drawer.

Yes, Dad . . . I did listen . . .


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I forgot to post something last night.

I almost forgot to post something tonight.

It’s been a long week.  Stressful and painful.  Nothing serious . .

Tonight was “therapy night” and my favorite night of the week.  Dinner with Mom after 4:30 pm Mass . . . dinner at Fazoli’s . . . shopping at our favorite Dollar Tree store.

Today . . . life is good . . .


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