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Sunday Adventures

I’m in the kitchen cooking bacon for breakfast. The dogs are outside sunning themselves on the deck.

I hear the sound of doggie nails scratching on the deck which usually means that someone is off to chase some sort of furry critter out of the yard.

I take a peek out the back door expecting to see Rocky watching Millie chase one of the neighborhood cats away from the bird feeders.

Imagine my surprise when I see Millie on the deck and Rocky nowhere to be seen.

Crap. This isn’t going to end well. The last time this happened, Rocky got his ear pierced by a mama groundhog.

Bad word. Bad word. Lots of very bad words. I go back inside to find my shoes to investigate.

Rocky must have heard the bad words because he peeked around the grill as if to say “I’m okay, Mom”

Millie had a “I tried to stop him, Mom” look on her face.

Bless their hearts . . . yes they got some bacon . .

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Happiness Is . . .

Standing on the back deck in your warm flannel nightgown and fuzzy blanket robe drinking coffee and watching the birds at the bird feeders . . .

Even if it is only 26 degrees . . .

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Home Again, Home Again

After a short shopping trip in Amish Country, I’m home from my girls weekend trip.

Lunch at my favorite burger spot with the bestie.  Then home to get the doggies and start laundry.

Wonderful hearing the sound of the doggies snoring . . .



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Yup. I missed a post yesterday.

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It’s The Little Things

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you find a chocolate milk dispenser in the hotel breakfast area.


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Aww Carp

It’s November?

How can it be November already?

I’m at Camp Gottastitch. Doing cross stitch stuff.

I accidentally left Gnomie at home.

He’s probably not mad.

It’s gonna be a great weekend.

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Y’All Need Jesus . . .

My little corner of Ohio took a beating last night with some severe weather and tornadoes.  The local weather geeks broke into regular programing sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 pm local time and were still on the air when I went to bed about 1:30 am.  I was too afraid to turn off the TV and go to bed until I knew, for a reasonable fact, that the storms were gone and it was safe. 

I am fortunate that none of the bad stuff happened here where I live, but other areas weren’t so lucky.  The tornadoes hit some densely populated areas.  One of the areas was where Niece #2 just moved into her first home with the Lovely Guy she’s marrying in a little more than a month.  It’s her first time living away from home . . . and last night was her first “oh shit I’m adult what do I do now?” moment facing the storms . . . she was scared shitless and hiding in her basement.  I was helping her not be so scared and giving her what info I could from the local CBS affiliate.   

Princess Charming was hunkered in her bathroom with her little boys and I was sharing information with her because she has crappy cell service and no TV service at her little house

I was watching the local CBS channel . . . they did a great job sharing information in a calm manner.  Sure Weather Girl got emotional and had to walk away for a minute, but her co-worker took over and gave the necessary information so that Weather Girl could compose herself and do her job. 

But on one of the other local channels . . . this was happening . . .



Yes, this happened in my little part of the world.  The local ABC Channel Weather Guy decides to chastise his viewers for complaining about their show being interrupted. Sure, they were on air for most of the evening but it was some scary stuff with these storms.  I wasn’t watching this guy but I heard about it almost as soon as it happened and have been hearing about it all day.  It even made the national news.  WTF? With all the destruction that happened last night THIS is making national news? 

Almost everyone is heralding him as a “hero” and he “saved lives” and he’s being hounded by the national news networks to get “his” side of the story . . . Dude has a temper tantrum ON THE AIR, says he’s “done with you people” and tells people to “stop it!” and we are celebrating that behavior!  He did kinda sorta apologize but it was halfhearted and made it seem like the viewers are the problem and it was our fault he acted badly. 

I feel like I’m the only one who sees a problem with his behavior.  No civility, no professionalism.  Just fuss and bluster and, yes, ego are being championed and encouraged.  My heart aches for my little corner of the world . . . and not just because of the destruction that happened last night . . . but because human kindness and compassion seem to be in short supply . . . when it is needed so urgently.

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