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Dis Gon B Gud

This is my favorite GIF – Jason Momoa opening a lawn chair. I’m not a big Jason Momoa fan but this thing brings me so much joy.

He’s so cool and he opens that chair so easily. It’s poetry in motion. I wish I could do that move. But I’m not coordinated at all. It would not end well.

Today was the first t-ball practice of the season. I was loading the car with my lawn chair and tried to do my Jason Momoa imitation. It did not end well. I pinched my finger.

I hate when I’m right.

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Wild Saturday Night

Tonight’s adventure with Mom involved picking out Nerf guns for the grandsons and teaching her about self scan registers at Kroger.

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November 9 

Random thoughts 

Tomorrow is the USMC birthday. Makes me miss Dad more than normal – if that’s possible 

Wal-Mart after dark is always interesting. 
Blue Bloods is my new binge watching show. 

I wonder if it’s appropriate to have an Elf on the Shelf in a Catholic school. I’m thinking of putting one in my office. 

I’ve been thinking Rocky hasn’t started showing his age – and today I noticed he’s limping a little when he walks. Then I remembered his 9th birthday is next week. 

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I’m on an adventure with my bestie. We are at a cross stitch retreat. 

Anybody willing to post bail if we get in trouble? 

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Not That I’m Counting


It’s 7 degrees here today. We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground. We are expecting 6 to 10 more over the weekend. Supposedly we will have the coldest temperatures in 20 years next week.

But today I’m dreaming of going back to Myrtle Beach. Prince Charming took me there for the first time in June. It was wonderful! And he’s taking me back again in June.

Which is just 167 days away! Sun! Sand! Surf!

But it’s not like I’m counting or anything.

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I’ve been whining all year about no snow, early allergies, too early to turn on AC.

But not today. Look at what I saw when I put my flag out today!


Does mean it’s finally summer?

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