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November 18

Today I had the pleasure of having someone I barely know volunteer to take care of a small home maintenance project.

He wouldn’t take any money for the work he did.

He said that’s what friends do.

I am a lucky lady

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November 2

I got a job at the local public library a couple of months ago.

It’s a cool job.  My official title is Account Clerk I . . . I do accounts receivable, I process invoices for books and other media . . . and a bunch of other really cool stuff.

I’ve met some wonderful people.  I’ve met people who irritate the crap out of me on a daily basis.  I get to see the new books when they come in.  I get to look at Advance Reader Copies of books that haven’t even been released to the public yet.  I joined Cookbook Club . . . which feeds my love of cookbooks and my love of cooking without having to eat leftovers for an entire week.

I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time . . . and I didn’t even hesitate to type the word “happier” . . . and I didn’t feel guilty that I’m “happier” . . .

Maybe I have finally started to find my new “normal” . . .




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Another New Job . . .

Yup . . . I started a new job . . . with the local library . . . it’s six minutes from my house . . . it pays a little more than the other job . . . and the best perk yet . . .


I have access to Advance Reader Copies . . . TO KEEP FOR MY VERY OWN . . . FOR FREE . . .

Somebody pinch me because I have died and gone to Heaven!!

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it’s in the 40’s here at night.

it MIGHT make it out of the 60’s today

prince charming told me that it’s supposed to be warmer next week . . . and he’s going to start working on the front steps . . . and he is going to start his new job on wednesday!!!

i had to turn on the furnace . . .

i guess summer is over, huh?

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