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Sunday Adventures

I’m in the kitchen cooking bacon for breakfast. The dogs are outside sunning themselves on the deck.

I hear the sound of doggie nails scratching on the deck which usually means that someone is off to chase some sort of furry critter out of the yard.

I take a peek out the back door expecting to see Rocky watching Millie chase one of the neighborhood cats away from the bird feeders.

Imagine my surprise when I see Millie on the deck and Rocky nowhere to be seen.

Crap. This isn’t going to end well. The last time this happened, Rocky got his ear pierced by a mama groundhog.

Bad word. Bad word. Lots of very bad words. I go back inside to find my shoes to investigate.

Rocky must have heard the bad words because he peeked around the grill as if to say “I’m okay, Mom”

Millie had a “I tried to stop him, Mom” look on her face.

Bless their hearts . . . yes they got some bacon . .

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