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Too Much TV

Every night at 7:30, Millie barks and runs to the door.  Since Prince Charming and I are usually doing the dishes after supper, we have no idea what she might be barking at and go check on her.  She’s pacing and dancing at the front door like there’s somebody there.  So we open the door to see if there is someone on the front porch or if she’s heard somebody walking down the sidewalk.

Usually, there’s nobody there.  We tell her she’s a silly girl and she looks at us like we’re crazy.  If she could talk I’m sure she’d say “But, I swear I heard the doorbell.”

This is a new development for her and while it’s amusing to me to play this game with her every so often, I’m kind of curious what’s going on her mind to do this.  Is she feeling neglected and needing attention?  Is she bored and wants Mommy to play with her?  Is she developing some kind of early doggie Alzheimer’s? My doggie mommy worrying has been going off the charts!

Well I got my answer yesterday . . .

We had the TV on in the living room and “Wheel of Fortune” comes on at 7:30 . . . one of the sounds they use at the start of the show sounds a lot like our doorbell . . . and that’s what sets her off . . .

I feel much better now to know that she’s doing what she’s been taught to do . . . let us know if she hears the doorbell . . . and I have to remember to change the channel before 7:30!

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