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November 26

I had some work done to The Little House over the last month or so.  Nothing terribly serious . . . just a repair to a drain pipe and replacing the basement shower.

Just enough to trigger my homeowner anxiety . . . am I doing the right thing?  Oh shit, how expensive is this going to be?  Is this ever going to get finished?  Will it be what I wanted?

Everything turned out fine . . . project wasn’t horribly over budget but a rainy streak did put a bit of a damper on getting the outside stuff done quickly.  Shower is done and working fine . . . except I needed a light for the shower.

Did some research.  Did some shopping.  Found a workable alternative to installing a light in the shower.  I bought a “project light” to put on the floor outside of the shower to shine light into the shower.  Works just fine.  Light was on sale at the Big Box Hardware Store.  Pretty pleased with the solution if I do say so myself.

Brought the light home and took it out of the box.  There’s a space on the instruction/warranty booklet for the purchase date and the serial number.  And it suggested stapling the receipt to the booklet for easy reference.  I did not hesitate to do those items.  Because it’s what my Dad did every time he bought an appliance, a tool, or just about anything.  There’s a drawer in my parent’s house with all sorts of booklets – some of them for things they no longer own.  Dad’s advice was “You never know when you might need that” and so I also have a “information” drawer with all sorts of instruction/warranty booklets . . .

Yes, I heard Dad’s voice tell me “you better fill that out, Pamela” . . . when I saw the booklet in the bottom of the box . . . and I couldn’t rest until I had it safely in the drawer.

Yes, Dad . . . I did listen . . .


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Second Christmas

This picture was taken in 2011 . . . it was our first Christmas together in *cough* 33 *cough* years.  Prince Charming and I went to see the lights at Clifton Mill.  It was a wonderful evening full of fun and laughter . . . and hot chocolate to warm us up after we looked at everything.

Prince Charming helped a young couple by taking their picture in front of the lights and they returned the favor and took this picture of us.  I loved it so much I have it framed and it sits on the buffet in the dining room here at The Little House.

Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of our trip to Clifton Mill.  For some reason Facebook kept posting this picture as a “On This Day” memory every time I logged on yesterday.  While it’s a lovely picture of us and one of my favorites, for some reason it made me sad yesterday to keep seeing it pop up.

I’m really struggling with the “Second Christmas” stuff.  I thought last year and the “First Christmas” stuff was bad and I thought I had a clue on how to handle this.  Little did I know that the “Second Christmas” is even harder . . .

And Facebook thinks it’s helping but it’s not . . . not really . . .


Clifton Mills


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