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Watch What You Say

The loss of my job was rather sudden . . . for me . . . I kinda had an idea that it might happen but didn’t really think it would . . .

It was rather sudden for my co-workers . . . and for my friends . . . they knew I loved my job and was very happy at the Local Catholic School . . .

There have been rumors for years that Local Catholic School was struggling financially and that it might close . . . these rumors were floating around way back when I was in high school almost *cough* 40 *cough* years ago . . .

I haven’t posted anything on social media about my unexpected adventure into semi-retirement . . . and anything I’ve said to anyone has been positive and upbeat . . . I promised my boss I would paint a positive picture of the events and emphasize my support for Local Catholic School . . . as a lifelong resident of this town, I love Local Catholic School as much as the alumni and want to see it succeed as much as anyone, it wasn’t personal . . . it was business . . . it happens . . . and I’ve survived way worse than the loss of a job . . .

So picture me surprised when my former boss contacted me to ask about a FB post that had been shared with him about my use of the words “declining enrollment” describing the reasons why my job was eliminated.  Picture me even more surprised when I remembered that the post in question was not about my job situation but about a national hotel chain allowing dogs to stay for free at their properties . . . the use of the offending words was in a response to a response of a comment someone made on the post . . . unless you read every word of that particular post you would have never seen that particular sentence.

I told my former boss that it wasn’t my intention to ever paint Local Catholic School in a negative light (in the comment I expressed my hope that things turned around and enrollment would increase in the coming months) and that I would remove the post to avoid any further problems.

Then I got to thinking . . . who the hell has that much time on their hands that they read every word of every one of my posts and then has to run to the COO of Local Catholic School to ask for verification of the “facts” that I presented?  Who in their right might wouldn’t automatically think that budget cuts two years in a row didn’t have something to do with declining enrollment?  Are the parents that much in denial that they don’t already know that the school is struggling?  Or are they trying to keep the perfect picture of Local Catholic School out there for the community and don’t want anything to tarnish that image?

So once again . . . I have to watch what I say to avoid stepping on someone’s toes on my own FB page . . . social media is a powerful thing . . . and it fucking sucks . . .



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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Prince Charming got a job! In his field! Making pretty good money! He’ll be only 5 minutes from home! We’re happy as clams!

Prince Charming got a letter today from the divorce court about his lack of response to the temporary support order pertaining to his divorce. He needs to respond within 24 hours or there will be serious consequences.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry . . . and I’ve done a lot of both today!

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