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Pay It Forward

I have a small city lot . . . 40 feet wide by 140 feet deep.  A small drive way.  A little sidewalk that leads from the front porch to the sidewalk.  Takes about 15 or 20 minutes to shovel when we get a big snow . . . like today.

But the men in my life (XH and Prince Charming) insisted on having a snow blower.  I have no idea why . . . but it was always important to them.  XH took his snow blower with him when he moved out and Prince Charming was in the process of fixing a second hand snow blower when he died.  I did get the snow blower fixed and used it a couple of times . . . but decided it was more trouble than it was worth.  I used to have it in the shed at the end of the drive way but moved it to the garage when the locks to the shed froze and I couldn’t get the snow blower out.  Because the garage is in back of the house, it took me a while to get it started and then drag it through the yard and up the hill to the front sidewalk.  And then there’s Lovely Neighbor Mike with HIS snow blower cleaning the sidewalk for me . . . tell me again why I need this thing??!!

I was going to sell it but decided to “gift” it to Older Sister and Her Hubby (BIL) . . . they have a big driveway . . . on a killer hill . . . and since they’re only three houses away from Mom (who lives on a corner) I figured they could use it to clear sidewalks for Mom . . . and since BIL was now retired . . . I thought it would give him something to tinker with and fuss over . . . since guys seem to like those kinds of things . . .

I had it cleaned up and tuned up and delivered to BIL before Christmas . . . a combo Christmas and Retirement gift . . . and today he used it for the first time . . . Older Sister sent me a video of BIL using it today and I got all choked up seeing him use it!!

I’m so tickled I can’t stand it . . . snow blower went to a good home . . . BIL has a new “toy” that he would have never bought for himself . . . and I have more space in the garage!!

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