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Date Night

This is the post I wanted to make Monday night but couldn’t because my internet was acting up.  I’m a TWC customer and was affected by the power outages on Monday night.

Most of you know that Monday night is “date night” for me.  Date night started when Prince Charming moved to Ohio four years ago.  It was a chance for us to start the week off in a special way.  We always went out to dinner and then did some small thing – usually some small errand that we needed to do.  It was a sacred tradition.  Unless we had some sort of work emergency or a family commitment, we always went on date night.

After Prince Charming passed away, I decided that I wanted to continue the tradition of doing something special on a Monday night.  Prince Charming died on a Monday so finding a way to make Monday tolerable was very important to me.

This week, though, Date Night was a little different.

2015-11-30 22.08.17

My youngest nephew was inducted into the National Honor Society.  The induction ceremony was Monday night.  There was no way I could miss this!!

2015-11-30 19.53.52

The ceremony was boring and only lasted an hour . . . but it was cool to hear the speaker announce my nephew’s name and list his accomplishments.  And he was so handsome all dressed up!!

The best part of the evening was the impromptu family party at the local McDonald’s to have ice cream.

Most certainly the best date night I’ve had in a very long time.











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