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There’s a few errands I should be running today

But it’s the first day in ages that it’s not freezing . . . or snowing . . .

And I don’t have the heart to call her inside when she’s enjoying sunning herself on the deck . . .

So the errands can wait

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Happy New Year

Spending a quiet night at home.

Binge watching Blue Bloods.

Cross stitch.

Listening to the dogs snore.

Not a bad way to celebrate.

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Wild Time

Watching Charlie Brown

Sending Christmas cards

Doing laundry

Single girl life is ssooo exciting

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November 28

There about a hundred things I should be doing . . .

Sending out Christmas cards . . .

Decorating the tree . . .

Going out shopping . . .

But I’m happily sitting here with Millie asleep on my feet and listening to Rocky snore.

Everything can wait a bit.

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November 21

Random thoughts . . .

It takes an hour to peel 8 lbs of potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people.

I’m supposed to do a 5k in the morning. It’s supposed to be cold with wind chills in the teens. Ugh

When your Mom says you have to bring your Christmas list to Thanksgiving dinner or you don’t eat – you get your list ready!

Listening to Rocky snore is way more comforting than I ever imagined.

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November 7

Tuesday means a visit to The Homestead. Visit with Mom and the siblings with dessert. There’s always dessert.

Tuesday’s are always better than Monday.

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Fall Back

I love fall.  I love the cooler temperatures.  I love watching the leaves change color.  I love Halloween.  I love Thanksgiving.

I don’t like the time change.  I don’t like that it’s dark when I go to work and when I get off work at night (okay, not now that I work at a school but every other job I ever had it was dark when I went home).  I don’t like that the dogs can’t comprehend the concept and their schedules (and mine) are off until they adjust.

The part about it getting dark earlier is what makes being alone so hard.  During the spring and the summer, I’m outside doing things a lot later and I don’t notice it as much.  During the fall and the winter, I’m inside earlier and it seems like the evenings drag on forever.  Yes, I have more time to work on my stitching or catching up on my reading or the TV shows I like . . . but it’s times like that when Prince Charming’s absence is (for lack of a better word) painful . . . We snuggled on the couch and watched TV.  He asked me questions about the cross stitch project I was working on.  We cooked dinner together and did the dishes together . . . now all stuff I do by myself now . . .

How many days until spring?




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Looking Out My Back Door

2015-11-07 09.18.51

This is the view out my back door these days.  I’m very pleased with how the deck project turned out.  I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to explain to Construction Guy what I had in mind for the project.  But those fears were groundless because he captured my idea perfectly.

The mud room that XH built years ago was, quite frankly, an eyesore.  It was a space to store stuff that we were too lazy to take out to the garage.  It didn’t fit the style of the house and the methods he used to build the mud room were questionable at best.  To be fair, though, Construction Guy told me that the mud room was pretty solid except for the roof.  Not only was it ugly, it blocked my view of the back yard and blocked most of the sunlight that came into the kitchen in the morning. And that sunlight was one of the things I loved most about the house when we bought it.

And no I don’t really have any pictures of the mudroom.  It was awful and I didn’t want any mementos of it.

2015-11-07 09.18.47

I sit out here in the morning with my coffee and watch the dogs in the yard and watch the birds at the bird feeders.

2015-11-07 09.18.56

I enjoy sitting at the patio table and eating lunch or dinner, or reading on the NOOK or the Kindle, or doing my cross stitch.  I enjoy grilling out at least once a week.  I’m spending a lot more time out in the back yard now.

2015-11-07 09.19.00

I really enjoy sitting at the kitchen table in the morning and having the sunlight stream through the back door.  I can stand at the back door and check on the dogs easily.

And the part I really really like is that I finally got what I wanted – a covered deck where I can stand outside when it’s raining and wipe the dogs off before they come in the house without getting wet myself.  I might change my tune when it’s cold and snowing but for right now it’s everything I dreamed it would be.

The back part of the house makes me as happy as the rest of the house.

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The Little House On Gable Street

Today’s “thankful” post on FB was about how much I love my house – The Little House On Gable Street.

2013-03-06 14.26.16

This is The Little House on Gable Street.  My home sweet home.  I’ve lived here for 25 years now.

2014-09-11 13.45.45

It has two bedrooms, a dining room, one bathroom, a basement that was built for a short person (it has low ceilings).  It was built in 1923 so it’s probably not up to the local building codes.  I joked with Prince Charming that nothing in the house is plumb or level.  It has a garage at the back of the lot – which is why Hal is parked in the driveway.

Sometimes it seems way too big (like right after the divorce and now that Prince Charming is gone).  Sometimes it seems way too small (like any time Rocky & Millie are romping through the house or when my family comes over for a family gathering).  Sometimes I think I’m in way over my head trying to maintain this place all by myself.  See, the deal always was that there would be “someone” to do the handyman stuff . . . I had no idea that that “someone” would end up being me.

It’s been my dream house since the minute I set foot in it all those years ago.  I love how the sunlight comes in the kitchen and the back bedroom in the morning.  I love the front porch – especially when I put up Christmas lights.  I really love the deck on the back of the house.  Since I’ve made some improvements to the back yard (i.e. tearing down the mud room, building the new deck, and taking down the crappy sheds and the lean-to that XH left for me to deal with), I enjoy spending time in the back yard.  Someday I’ll decide that I love the garage – when I finally get the nerve to sort through Prince Charming’s stuff.  That’s the big project for next year.

But mostly I’m proud of the fact that this is MY house.  My most prized possession.  The one thing that I can say I own all by myself.  XH was sure that I’d lose the house once we got divorced and it irks him to no end that I paid it off and it’s now 100% totally mine.

And I’m blessed that Rocky and Millie let me stay here with them.

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Little Voices

Prince Charming is buried next to his dad in a little cemetery not far from the little housing development where we grew up – and where his mom still lives and my family still lives. When his life was falling apart three years ago he told me “I just want to come home” and he was happy to be here. We had never talked about final arrangements so I had no idea what he would want. But I knew he would want to be “home” and close to his dad . . . And close enough for his mom visit him often and I can visit when I go visit my folks!

I told you that story to tell you this story . . .

Last weekend I had to go to the little butcher shop in my little hometown for some yummy lunch meat. This little butcher shop is near the cemetery where Prince Charming is buried. On my drive out there I heard a little voice telling me to go to the cemetery. “But I was just there!” I said. “I don’t want to be “that” lady that goes every week! The voice said “please just go.” Well since he said “please” how could I resist?

I pull into the cemetery and the groundskeepers are mixing concrete! Whoo hoo! A foundation for the headstone! It’s all I can do to not speed through the cemetery to get to Prince Charming’s grave. Imagine my surprise when I get there and see the foundation had been poured! The cement was still a little wet and I couldn’t resist putting my fingerprint in the cement (in a spot that won’t show when the headstone is placed)!

So how strange is it that I’m excited about this?

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