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November 19

Today is Rocky’s 10th birthday . . .

I can hardly believe that he’s been in my life that long . . . and I’m really having a hard time believing that he’s technically a “senior citizen” according to Lovely Vet.

Second Child Syndrome

In my heart, he will always be this loveable lump of fur with very large feet.


My protector.  My buddy.  My shoulder to cry on.

Happy Birthday, Rocky

One of my reasons for getting out of bed during the dark days after Prince Charming’s death.

How I Spent My Sunday

Happy birthday Rock Monster.  Thank you for picking me to be your human.

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Happy Birthday, Darlin’

Prince Charming’s birthday is Friday.

You know me, birthday’s are a big deal.  From what I’ve learned about his past, his birthday was never a big deal.  That made me very sad.  It also  made me very determined to make this birthday very special.  But I had no idea how I was going to pull it off.

Then the bestest idea ever fell into my lap . . . I learned that Peter Frampton was going to be coming to a City Near Me the week of Prince Charming’s birthday . . . and the concert would include the entire playlist of one the albums that holds a lot of memories for me and Prince Charming . . . I would take Prince Charming to see Peter Frampton perform Frampton Comes Alive for his birthday!

You see, Prince Charming is a life-long Frampton fan . . . he bought the album when it first came out in 1976 and that album became a part of the soundtrack for our young romance.  It was so much a part of my memories of that time with Prince Charming that I couldn’t bear to hear the song after we broke up.  It was too painful . . . it reminded me of him and of us and of how badly I screwed up that I couldn’t listen to it.  I did everything I could to avoid any Frampton music  . . . which isn’t easy when you listen mostly to classic rock on the radio.

The minute I heard about the concert, I knew we had to go . . . and I didn’t care what it cost . . . we were going.  Since I’m horrible at keeping secrets, I told Prince Charming my plan and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  Just the thought of going to the concert has pulled us through some pretty rough times this summer.  Every time something looked pretty bleak, we would turn to the other and say “Well, at least we can still go see Frampton.”  The twinkle in his eyes when he talked about it warmed my heart.  I knew that I had picked the perfect present.

So finally the date of the concert got here . . . We left the house REALLY early so that we could be there when the gates opened . . . and ya’ll know me, I NEVER get anywhere REALLY early.  Must be love, huh?

The concert was in a town that Prince Charming used to live in, so getting there was no problem.  Parking was no problem.  We even had a simple dinner at the Food Court at the Venue . . . which included chili cheese coney’s from Prince Charming’s favorite place . . . He sat down to eat his coney and said with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen “It’s good to be home!”

As good as that was . . . I got an even bigger smile when the concert started and Frampton walked out on stage.  Prince Charming looked like a little boy on Christmas morning . . . I gotta confess, I got a little choked up watching it.  He sang every word.  He played air guitar and/or air drums to every song . . .

Then came the minute we had both been waiting for . . . the first strains of “Baby I Love Your Way” started and the crowd went nuts.  I looked at him and he looked at me and for the next few minutes the world stood still and it was 1976 all over again.  The couple behind us even got a little teary eyed . . . don’t know if they were hopeless romantics like us or had just a little too much to drink . . . either way, they thought we had been together for 35 years.

It was a wonderful evening and Prince Charming hasn’t stopped thanking me yet for making this the best birthday ever . . . and the actual birthday is still two days away.

I may have set the bar a little too high . . . how am I ever gonna top this!?

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