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Happy Day

I never dreamed I’d ever say January 20 would be a happy day but I’m saying it today!

My oldest niece got engaged today!

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Spread The Joy

The mail brought happy stuff today!

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November 20

Happiness is having a neighbor that shares her home made beef and noodles because she “made too many”!

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Good News . . . Bad News

Like a gazillion people, I bought a Power Ball ticket on Friday night.  And I had big plans for the millions of dollars I would win!

Bad news is . . . I didn’t win.

Good news is . . . nobody won.

So I still have a chance!!


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Good News

I survived the liquid diet, the prep, the test, and the after-test.

They found a polyp.  The doc removed it and said he doesn’t think it’s anything serious.  I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks.  If I had waited another couple of years, the ending could be completely different. 

It was so much fun (NOT) that I’m going to do it all again in a year.  But only because the doc is making me!

Prince Charming was a trouper and came through his first “Boyfriend Test” with flying colors! 


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Christmas Came Early

The results are in!

Yes, Prince Charming’s Dad has cancer.

It’s small cell lung cancer . . . from what I understand that’s the “bad” kind of cancer.

Well, poop!  That isn’t what we wanted to hear!

Okay, they talk to the cancer doc.  The cancer doc needs more info before he can talk prognosis and/or treatment options . . .

Blood work and more scans . . .

More waiting . . .

The cancer hasn’t spread!  They can’t cure what he’s got but they have a good chance of getting it into remission.

Plans are for radiation and chemo over the next few weeks . . .

We still have a rough bit of road ahead of us . . . but it doesn’t look nearly as bleak as we originally thought.

Our guardian angels must have been watching over us . . .


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