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Conversations With Rocky & Millie

I’m a single girl.  I live alone with two large dogs.  Some of the conversations I have with them are pretty funny.

Yes I’ve actually said all of these things to them on a pretty regular basis.

What are you doing?

You aren’t helping.

I’m not going anywhere without you (when they follow me into the bathroom because they think I’ll sneak out and go walking without them.)

Come back here.

You need to move.

Do you have to poop on a hill?

What are you eating?

You can’t eat that!

Don’t eat that!

Don’t let him pee on you!

Don’t pee on your sister!

You have to wait.  Bubba has to poo

You have to wait.  Sissy has to poo

We aren’t going that way (when they smell something interesting in the area we just passed).

Watch your head (when they aren’t paying attention and about to run into something)

Wait, wait (when we are waiting to cross the street)

Wait, there’s a car (when Millie thinks we’ve waited long enough and she wants to go.)

Careful (when its slick and I need them to stay close to my side)

You have to wait for him to finish (once Rocky walks away from his food dish, anything he leaves is fair game for her.)

That belongs to him!

My finger is in there.

Do not make me put on my shoes and come out there! (Usually when they are out in the yard barking and they won’t come when I call their names.  Last time this happened was a couple of weeks ago . . . there was a possum in the alley playing possum.)

Make up your mind you’re letting out the hot (winter)/cold (summer).  (After Rocky scratches at the back door and wants in but hesitates when I actually open the door to let him in.)

And everyone worries that I’m lonely living here in The Little House all by myself . . .


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The Worst Part . . .

of any trip is taking the dogs to the “puppy camp”

I know they will be well taken care of . . . Randy has been taking care of my babies for over 20 years . . . he knows them and loves them as much as I do  . . .

Rocky’s sad face as he looks over his shoulder . . .

Millie scampers off without a second look . . .

Coming home to an empty house because my flight leaves at o’dark thirty tomorrow morning . . .

I can’t believe how much I miss them and I haven’t even left yet.



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My Greatest Fear

After Prince Charming died, I often said that I wasn’t afraid of anything because my worst nightmare had happened and I managed to live through it.  I had to bury the love of my life.

I faced a lot of things after he died with a laugh and a smile of my face . . . a bad job, a job change, financial uncertainty, Dad’s final illness and his death . . . really . . . this is the worst you can throw at me . . . you can’t scare me . . .

But that changed today when I realized that my worst nightmare and my greatest fear are two different things.

My greatest fear is something happening to Rocky or Millie.

Maybe it’s because I fought for them during the divorce . . . maybe it’s because it’s just the three of us now here at The Little House . . . maybe it’s because I know that I couldn’t have gotten through the dark days after Prince Charming died that I’m so vigilant about them.  Are they healthy, are they getting enough exercise, am I feeding them the right things?  I make sure they get their shots, I make sure they get all the necessary tests.  Their heartworm meds and meds to control fleas are given on time.

But sometimes . . . no matter how hard I try . . . no matter how vigilant I am about every single detail . . . things happen . . . bad things happen . . .

Rocky was attacked by a pit bull this morning while we were out on our morning walk.  We were minding our own business walking along a route that we walk every day.  We passed a house that we pass every day . . . but today the dog that lives in that house decided she didn’t want us walking past her house and she did something about it.  The dog lunged for all three of us (Me, Rocky and Millie) but Rocky put himself between the dog and me and Millie and took one for the team.  A lot of the details of the attack are still a blur to me but I remember a lot of cursing (from me) a lot of yelping (from Rocky) and a lot of barking (from Millie).  The owner of the dog ran up to us but she couldn’t get the dog to release her grip on Rocky.  I remember looking into Rocky’s eyes and seeing how scared he was and I knew I had to do something – anything – to save my baby.   Yes, I’m the silly lady that put her hand into a pit bull’s mouth to try and pry her jaws off my dog.  It took someone with a stick that looked like an axe handle to get the other dog to release her grip from Rocky’s neck.

The owner apologized profusely, gave me her contact info and assured me she would pay for whatever vet bills I incurred because of the attack.  She also assured me that the dog would be destroyed for coming after us.  (I’m not quite sure how I feel about the dog being destroyed over this attack . . . I’m still trying to process that part.)  She also asked me if I was okay . . . if I had been injured during the attack . . . and I laughed and said that’s the least of my worries right now, but thank you for your concern.

Rocky seemed fine – no gushing blood or obviously serious wounds.  Once the dog let go of his neck, he was ready to finish our walk.  Which we did . . . just a little slower than normal so I could check him out for any wounds that weren’t easily seen.  He seemed to have a goofy smile on his face (Hey, look what I did!) and wouldn’t leave my side.  Millie wasn’t hurt at all since Rocky seemed to push her out of the way . . . during the rest of our walk I discovered I have a scrapped knee and a few scrapes on my wrist.  The fingers survived being in the mouth of a pit bull without any bruises or scrapes at all.

As soon as I got home, I called Lovely Vet and explained what happened.  I told them he didn’t have any obviously serious wounds – no gushing blood or broken bones – but I wanted to make sure Rocky was okay.  They told me to bring him in and they’d look him over.  Lovely Vet looked him over, assured me that my handsome boy is fine, that the extra skin that Rocky has around his neck saved him from very serious injuries.  His neck is going to be stiff a sore for a while and he’s going to hate me for having to shove pills down his throat for the next week or so . . . but he certainly lived up to his name.  Rocky is a fighter that doesn’t give up.

So he’s resting . . . a tad uncomfortably with a sore neck and a sore tushy from the shots he got . . . Millie will only leave his side to come see what I’m doing . . . and Mommy has been checking on him about every 10 minutes.  It could have been much worse . . . I realize that I’m blessed that I didn’t lose Rocky today . . . I learned today what Rocky is willing to do to protect Mommy and Sissy . . . I learned today that there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for those two.

I fully expected to have a complete melt down over this but haven’t yet . . . the full impact of what happened hasn’t hit me yet.  But it will, I’m sure.  It’s gonna be a long weekend.

By the way, I just did an inventory of my injuries . . . I have a scrapped knee, a few scrapes on my left wrist, my legs are sore from planting myself and trying to pull Rocky and Millie away from the dog.  My fingers are sore from tugging on the other dog’s mouth.  My back is sore from being pulled across the ground after the dogs knocked me down.  There’s a few spots of blood on my shirt, a swipe of doggie poo on my leg (I always clean up after the dogs when they poo and I had a bag of poo with me) and a few grass stains on the back of my shirt.

Life here is certainly never boring.


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Not The Leader

You know that old saying . . . “if you aren’t the leader, the scenery never changes”?


rocky and millie 2


Well . . . apparently I’m not the leader of my pack . . .



and I’m okay with that . . .



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Waiting To Exhale

My apologies to the movie with the same name . . .

I took Rocky to the vet on Saturday for his annual wellness check.  Usual stuff – shots, heartworm test, physical exam, check his poo sample for parasites.

While I was there, I talked to our lovely vet about Rocky’s weight.  It seems to me that he’s been losing weight and he seems to be a bit on the thin side to me.  And I’m worried that there might be something wrong with him . . . he seems fine . . . his activity level is fine, his appetite is fine, he acts like he always has but sometimes he just seems a bit “off” and it worries me.  Okay, I’m paranoid and over-reacting because I didn’t notice Fluff was sick until it was too late to do anything to help him.

Lovely Vet explained that Rocky’s weight is fine for him.  He weighed over 90 lbs four years ago and he’s steadily losing weight as part of a program (reduce the amount of food and increase his activity).  Since he and Millie have lost the weight, they are more active, which helps them keep the weight off and lose additional weight.  He assured me that Rocky was fine but ordered some blood work just to be sure.

That was Saturday morning and I’ve been a mess ever since.  I’m convinced “something” is wrong with Rocky and it’s going to be horribly serious and I have to face it alone and . . . and . . . and . . . you name the horrible scenario and I’ve imagined it.

Lovely Vet promised he would call me on Monday morning to let me know the results.  Bless his heart, that’s exactly what he did.  And the news was wonderful.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of Rocky’s test results.  I can increase food a little bit as long as he continues to be active and I can take him back in two months for a weight check.  Lovely Vet assured me that Rocky is a very healthy “middle aged” dog and that I’m taking very good care of him.

After spending the weekend convinced I was a horrible dog mother, it’s nice to have someone “in charge” tell me I’m doing something right.


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My Weight Loss Program

I’ve lost about 10 pounds in the last couple of months.

rocky and millie

These two are part of the program.  They like to go for walks.  We have gone for a walk just about every morning for over three months now.  They look at me like this until I finally give in and get the leashes and we go for our “excursion” every morning.

rocky and millie 2

This is the view that I have during our walks every morning.  It’s clear to see I’m not the leader of the pack.  Millie pulls me along for the majority of the walk.  Rocky keeps up with her pace for about half of the walk – then he hangs with me.  Millie has to be the first to see everything.  She has to be the first to look around the corners, to look into privacy fences to see if there are any little dogs waiting to bark at her, she has to be the first one across the street.  Rocky is content to keep up with her for a while and then he gets tired of racing along and starts to slow down and enjoy the time that he has Mommy all to himself.  When we are walking, Millie isn’t interested in being the center of my attention.

I enjoy just being out side with no particular place to go and no time limit on when we get there.

Right now . . . life is good . . . and I owe a lot of it to them.

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Millie’s Baby Pictures

I can’t very well do a post all about Rocky without doing a post about Millie!


Millie is quite the attention diva.  If Rocky is getting any attention at all, she has to be right there . . . and sometimes she pushes him out of the picture.


Like this time that she saw that Rocky was having a solo photo shoot and had to see what was going on.  See her there sneaking around behind him?


One of the rare times I was able to get a picture of the two of them together when they were both looking at the camera.  I don’t understand why they look like they are in trouble.  Might be that I was laughing so hard I could hardly take the picture.

2013-01-27 17.31.55

This is what I see most of the time – her adorable little face trying to get my attention or trying to get a taste of whatever it is I’m (trying to) eat.

I can’t really blame her for being an attention hog.  Her early life wasn’t very nice.  She was dumped at the same rescue center where we found Rocky when she was a puppy.  She found a family pretty fast but they didn’t pay much attention to her and she kept running away.  After the second or third time, they decided they didn’t “want” her and took her back to the rescue group.  We found here there when we went looking for a sibling for Rocky after my beloved Luci died in April 2010.  The minute that Rocky met Millie they were inseparable.  We had planned to visit with several dogs before making a final choice, but the bond between the two of them was instant and so wonderful that we didn’t look at any other dogs.

I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled to add another puppy to the family.  Adding Millie would be the third puppy in four years.  That’s a lot of house training, obedience training, puppy mischief, and sleepless nights.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to do all of that again.  But then Millie jumped up on me, got my t-shirt all dirty with paw prints, broke the strap to my purse, and bruised my chin from when she head butted me when I bent down to pet her.  Not exactly love at first sight on my part but it was a few steps in the right direction.  How could I not like a dog that was so enthusiastic about everything?

rocky and millie first picture

She was such a little girl!  The rescue group told us that she was a year old when we got her, but we found out later that she was really only 8 months old.  She had never encountered stairs before and we had to carry her down the stairs every time she climbed up them.  Thankfully that lasted about two months.  Her sense of adventure finally overcame her fear.  She absolutely HAD to be wherever Rocky was every minute of the day.

millie and rocky looking out the door

This was taken a couple of months after Millie came to live with us. It is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them together.

I’m very lucky that she lets me be her Mommy.

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Rocky’s Baby Pictures

Happy Birthday, Rocky

I’ve been going through my DropBox account looking at pictures for various things and found this  It’s a picture of Rocky asleep on Luci.  I’m not sure how old he is in this picture but I know he was still pretty young  He loved Luci and couldn’t stand to be away from her.  I tried crate training him as a puppy but he whined and cried all night for the first three nights and we decided to let him sleep next to Luci.  He never made a sound and he never made a mess in the middle of the night  Even as a baby he was the perfect dog.

Happy Birthday, Rocky

This is the picture of Rocky that was on the Animal Welfare League website.  This is the picture that convinced XH that he had to adopt Rocky.  When I saw this picture I took one look at his feet and thought “Dang!  That’s gonna be a big dog!”

Second Child Syndrome

This is my all time favorite picture of Rocky.  He was three months old in this picture.  Look at that face!  Look at those feet!!  I’m still amazed that he’s mine.


Probably one of the few pictures of Rocky where he doesn’t look sad  He’s actually smiling!!

Family Reunion

Rocky and his mom.  The rescue group had a “family reunion” when Rocky was about a year old. Rocky was one of 13 in his litter and almost all of the puppies came to the reunion.  I’m thinking his mom was worried they were going to all come home with her.


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This Is Us

Yes, it’s that time of year . . . time for me to start thinking about the wonderful Christmas card that I am going to send out this year.

Yes, I know I don’t (didn’t) have much Christmas spirit last year and I’m not sure how much I’m going to have this year.

Yes, I know it’s horribly expensive to do the cute photo cards and send them out to everyone.

But did you realize that sending the cute photo cards means that I don’t have to sign each card?  Put the card in the envelope, put on an address label, a return label, and a stamp and PRESTO . . . Christmas cards done with very little effort!!

This Christmas card thing is Prince Charming’s fault . . . his handwriting is as bad as mine . . . and we didn’t want to do The Christmas Newsletter thing . . . so we did photo cards.  They could sum up our year in one picture.

And since I am not sure what (if any) Christmas spirit I’ll have this year, I’m going with the old standby . . . which means I’m sorting through pictures to include in the cards.

This is what I’ve come up with so far . . .

sideways pammie

This is me at the Straight No Chaser concert last year.  I was photobombing my friend Marie as she took a picture of the stage.  She wasn’t very happy with me at the time but I’ve posted this on my FB page and it makes my older sister smile every time she sees it.  I think it shows that I’m getting my sense of humor back.

2015-10-11 16.38.07

This is probably the best picture I’ve ever taken of Millie.  She doesn’t look scared (like she usually does in pictures) and you can see how pretty her bright brown eyes are.  She is standing on the new deck and trying to see what I’m throwing in the trash can.  Because whatever I’m throwing away might be something yummy that she can eat.

2013-06-04 13.07.10

This is Rocky.  It shows him almost smiling and his eyes don’t look as sad as they normally do.  It was hard deciding on a picture of him because he always take a good picture.

I’m still looking through pictures but I’m pretty sure these ones will make the cut.  There might be more . . . I still haven’t decided now many pictures to put on the card.

And if I was truly organized (and we all know that I’m not that organized) I would have had a family picture taken of us.  I thought about it and that’s as far as it got this year.

I think I’m making progress . . .


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