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More Details – Part Two

Okay, here’s the rest of the list . . .
7.   Sometimes famous people are the biggest jerks you’ll ever meet – The headliner for Saturday’s concert arrived sometime during the night/early morning hours . . . after the big rainstorm.  The tour bus promptly got stuck in the mud.  A Big Tow Truck was already at the lake to pull out another truck that had gotten stuck in the mud and the Tour Manager asked the Tow Truck Driver to pull him out.  Only problem was, the Famous Guy didn’t want to pay the fee for the Big Tow Truck to do the work.  Because it was for Famous Guy, Tow Truck Driver reduced his price . . . and the Famous Guy STILL didn’t want to pay the price.  So Tow Truck Driver did it for free, since he was there for another customer anyway.  Funny part was, the Bus Driver got the bus stuck a second time and the Tow Truck Driver laughed when they asked for a second freebie. 
8.   I always get chills whenever I see a Marine or a Sailor in full dress uniform.  As part of the entertainment on Saturday night, one of the acts did a tribute to servicemen and women.  There were a bunch of Sailors and Marines in full dress uniform at the concert.  It gave me chills to see them walking down the midway.  I was amazed at how the Sailors managed to keep their dress white uniforms clean. 
9.   Always wear sunscreen.  And a hat.  I didn’t and I paid the price.  Arms, nose, neck legs (I wore shorts) all got sunburned.  And the hat . . . it would have helped me from getting a sunburn on my scalp.  Yea, it’s as painful as it sounds. 
10.  It must be an unwritten law somewhere that every Southern Rock Band in American has to play “Sweet Home Alabama”.  This is a law that must be repealed . . . immediately.  In between the Big Name Acts, the Local Acts performed.  Some of them were very good.  Some of them were not.  One guy was so bad that he never finished a song.  Then there were the “Sweet Home Alabama” versions.  By every single band.  And they were all bad.  That is one of my all time favorite songs and I was so excited when I heard the opening notes . . . only to be very disappointed when they started singing.  By the end of the day Saturday it was just painful to listen to.   
11. Speaking of laws . . . it should be against the law to wear spandex shorts and belly shirts after the age of 30,  sundresses and cowboy boots at any age, or to have your bra straps showing on purpose.  I did a lot of people watching – it was fun.  But I saw some seriously distressing fashion trends.  Spandex and belly shirts on ladies that were more than a tad overweight and on the “other” side of 40.  I saw more bra straps than I care to mention.  Is it the fashion trend to wear a racer back tank top and a regular bra?  Aren’t you supposed to hide your bra strap or is that a hang over from the repressed 1900’s?  But the funniest thing I saw were the young girls in their sundresses and cowboy boots.  I just don’t get it . . . and I admit that I laughed out loud the first time I saw it.  But then these girls were everywhere so I’m guessing this is normal?  Maybe I need to get out more. 
12.  I have a lot to learn about professional fishing.  Up until this weekend, I never realized that you could make a career of being a fisherman.  There were a half dozen of the pros at this event doing demonstrations and people were begging to go out fishing with them.  They make a living fishing.  What a concept.   
13.  I love seeing Hubby’s eyes light up whenever he talks to someone about fixing fishing rods.  We took his equipment with us so he could work on the fishing rods during the expo.  We had people hanging out in the booth just to watch.  Hubby was really in his element explaining what he did and the techniques he used to fix the fishing pole.  And the people he talked to were just as excited to talk to him as he was to talk to them.  I sat in the corner and watched.  It was exciting to watch Hubby share his love of fishing with so many people . . . and to hear the feedback that he got from the visitors to our booth.  I have a feeling he’s really found his niche . .
It was such an overall good experience for us – and the business – that we’re looking at other expos to attend.  The Little Business might not be so little for very long! 

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