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Things I Learned This Week

That grief is grief is grief. Those who tell you it gets better with time are liars.

That no matter how you think you’re prepared for Ohio winter you’re never prepared for an Ohio winter.

That worry is a total waste of time. Whatever the worst case scenario is, your worry won’t help fix it and when it’s not the worst case scenario you’ve wasted all that time for nothing.

That family drama is actually entertaining when it doesn’t involve you.

And finally – there’s a reason why they’re called ex-husbands

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Happy Day

I never dreamed I’d ever say January 20 would be a happy day but I’m saying it today!

My oldest niece got engaged today!

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Spread The Joy

The mail brought happy stuff today!

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Gnome For Christmas

Bless my Mom’s heart. She always seems to know when I need cheering up.

She bought me this cute door mat for Christmas

And . . . This cute guy

Meet Norman! Not only did Mom buy him for me – she ordered him! I think it’s touching that she special ordered a toy for her 55 year old daughter.

For someone with little Christmas spirit, she pulls off some great surprises!

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Bragging Rights

The chubby girl on the left is me. The not chubby girl on the right is Older Sister. We were running to the finish at the USAF 5k in September. Older sister beat me by a few seconds. She’s beaten me at three different races over the past year. I thought she’d like photographic proof of her win so this is one of her Christmas presents from me.

It’s not the best picture of us but it’s now one of my favorites.


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I Can’t Imagine

Having the entire world watch your every move and emotion during the funeral for your father.

I was fortunate to be able watch the funeral services for President Bush today. It was a wonderful service and I was reminded again at how much I love listening to W speak. What a beautiful send off for his dad.

God bless W and his family as they say a final goodbye to 41.

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November 22

Happy Thanksgiving . . .

This is the 5th Thanksgiving without Prince Charming . . .

This is the 4th Thanksgiving without my Dad . . .

This is my Great Nephew’s first Thanksgiving . . .

This is Third Niece’s first Thanksgiving as a married woman . . .

This is Second Niece’s first Thanksgiving as an engaged woman . . . and she told Mom today that her and her fiancé are planning to buy a bigger house and they will be hosting Thanksgiving next  year . . . but her fiancé doesn’t quite know that little detail yet!

It was a good day . . . lots of food . . . lots of yummy desserts . . . lots of online shopping after dinner while we were looking at the Black Friday ads . . .

It was a good day . . .


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