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Meet The New Neighbors

I got new neighbors three houses down from me.  Been here a couple of months or so.  Seem like nice folks.  ‘Cept for that time they scared Rocky because they thought it would be a cool idea to set of fireworks for St. Patrick’s Day.  Who knew St. Patrick’s Day was a fireworks required holiday?!

Tonight I was serenaded with Hank Jr. singing “Family Tradition” while I was watering the plants and putting water in the bird bath . . . interesting choice of music . . . at least it was something I recognized . . .

I should point out that I’m not wearing my hearing aids but could hear this clearly enough to sing along . . . why yes I do know all the words . . . being one of the black sheep of the family it’s kind of my theme song . . .

So if they live three houses down and I can hear it clearly enough to sing along WITHOUT MY HEARING AIDS . . . can you imagine how loud it is IN THEIR HOUSE?!

I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a fun summer in this part of the world . . .

Y’all should stop by . . . we can sit on the porch and watch the shenanigans



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