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Rei Lakes

It’s been a long day . . . Hubby and I are at a fishing expo at a local pay lake.  We’re there promoting Hubby’s fishing rod repair business.  It’s a three day event billed as a country concert/fishing expo.  Today was the first day and the event is off to a slow start.  Just when we thought the event was going to take off – the rain started and the event ended for the day. 

So much for the big concert tonight with T. G. Sheppard.  

At least we promoted the business with some of the other vendors at the event.  One of the vendors is a big box sporting goods store that’s new to the area.  They are looking for someone to repair rods that customers bring in to the store.  The other vendor runs fishing tours out of a city close to us and is always looking for someone to fix customer’s fishing rods. 

There are stars from ESPN and The Outdoor Channel at the event.  I’m going to give them some business cards tomorrow.  I got to meet Joe Thomas from The Outdoor Channel.  I have no idea who the guy is, but the other vendors told me he was famous. 

I’ve done trade shows before for some of my other jobs, and I’ve always thought they were very boring.  But this time I had a lot of fun.  Could it be because it’s our business and not “just a job”?  We’re giving away a rod and reel combo and I was out today giving away tickets to the drawing and telling everybody about the business and I met a lot of cool people.  And I gathered a lot of cool giveaway items.  Most of the vendors said that they would enter my drawing if I would enter theirs. 

While I’m out doing marketing stuff, Hubby is working on fixing some fishing rods.  Believe it or not, we have people dropping off rods to be repaired!  And Hubby is able to fix them there at the expo.  He took his workbench and his supplies with him.  Thankfully our neighbor at this event has a portable generator that we can borrow . . .

One day down . . . two days to go . . . hopefully the weather will be nicer tomorrow and Sunday . . .

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