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Sunday Adventures

I’m in the kitchen cooking bacon for breakfast. The dogs are outside sunning themselves on the deck.

I hear the sound of doggie nails scratching on the deck which usually means that someone is off to chase some sort of furry critter out of the yard.

I take a peek out the back door expecting to see Rocky watching Millie chase one of the neighborhood cats away from the bird feeders.

Imagine my surprise when I see Millie on the deck and Rocky nowhere to be seen.

Crap. This isn’t going to end well. The last time this happened, Rocky got his ear pierced by a mama groundhog.

Bad word. Bad word. Lots of very bad words. I go back inside to find my shoes to investigate.

Rocky must have heard the bad words because he peeked around the grill as if to say “I’m okay, Mom”

Millie had a “I tried to stop him, Mom” look on her face.

Bless their hearts . . . yes they got some bacon . .

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Heat Wave

The high temperature today was 48 degrees . . .

The snow and ice that accumulated last weekend is now making the back yard a soggy mess . . .

Millie is outside lounging in her favorite spot on the deck . . .

Gotta love January in Ohio . . .


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Poor puppies have been waiting all day for the snow. They’ve endured freezing rain and sleet all day. Now they’ve got the snow they’ve been waiting for . . . and some pretty wicked wind they don’t want.

Tomorrow should be big fun for them.

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Happy New Year

Spending a quiet night at home.

Binge watching Blue Bloods.

Cross stitch.

Listening to the dogs snore.

Not a bad way to celebrate.

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Bonded Pair

These two pictures pretty much sums up their relationship – she loves him more than he loves her – and she has to be the center of attention.

And, no, I have no idea when she got so old. She turned 9 in August and still acts like a puppy but yet she has so much gray on her face.

Rocky is a year older but doesn’t look nearly as old as Millie.

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Random Dog Thoughts . . .

Taking Millie to the vet should qualify as a cardio workout. She’s curious about everything, can’t sit still for anything, has to visit everyone she sees, tries to get behind the desk to help the girls check her out, and has to sniff every blade of grass between the front door and the car . . . after she’s smelled them all on the way in . . .

 Millie is fine . . . she has seasonal allergies and they are flaring up on her . . . a shot, some treats, and a prescription for allergy meds and she’s as good as new . . . she also gained about four pounds since her wellness check in January . . .

 That being said . . . and I pray that this is a llooonnggg time away but Rocky and Millie are getting up there in years so it’s something that’s crossed my mind a time or two . . . I pray that Rocky passes before Millie. I had to leave Rocky at home when I took Millie to the vet and, by the look on his face, his whole world ended when I walked out the door with her and had to leave him behind . . . and I couldn’t get the door opened fast enough when we got back home so he could see that I kept my promise and brought Millie back home and she was fine . . . while Millie was more interested in the treat that I left for Rocky that he didn’t eat while we were gone . . . I can only imagine what he must have thought . . . and he’s been very close to her all evening . . .

Rocky grieved terribly after Prince Charming’s death . . . the day of the accident, Rocky sat at the front door waiting for Daddy to come home . . . he sat at the top of the stairs all night so that he wouldn’t miss hearing Daddy’s key in the lock . . . the next morning, he ran down the stairs and sniffed Daddy’s chair and looked at me as if to say “Where is he?”  Rocky spent the next month or so sleeping at the top of the stairs every night waiting for Daddy to come home . . . from time to time I’ll catch Rocky looking out the front door and give a little sigh as if to ask “Why isn’t he coming home?” and it breaks my heart . . . I don’t think I could bear it to watch him do that if Millie passes first. 

 Millie, on the other hand, charges through life at full speed and seems totally oblivious to any of us . . . except for when it’s time for treats or a meal . . . she’s a diva and has to be the center of attention so I don’t know that she would care if Rocky and/or I were even here . . . she doesn’t know a stranger and she thinks everyone is here to spoil her with love, hugs, and treats . . . she doesn’t even give me a backward glance when I drop her off at the kennel . . . and she’s always happy to push past anyone in her way to get back home . . .

 I’m always amazed that two dogs with two totally different personalities are so devoted to each other . . . and I’m so happy I get to be their mommy.   


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November 11

Last night there was excitement here on my street. Some sort of stand-off with the police. Nothing serious but interesting to watch. Dogs were not happy with police officers out front or in the alley. 

Tonight is the complete opposite. I’m watching Law & Order SVU and listening to them snore. 

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