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Yup. I missed a post yesterday.

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It’s The Little Things

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you find a chocolate milk dispenser in the hotel breakfast area.


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More Happy Stuff

I really don’t like January.

Then the mailman brings this kind of happiness.

Still won’t change my opinion but I do look forward to seeing the mail truck at the end of the street.

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Happy New Year

Spending a quiet night at home.

Binge watching Blue Bloods.

Cross stitch.

Listening to the dogs snore.

Not a bad way to celebrate.

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November 11

Important lesson of the day . . . If you are going to watch a movie or a TV show while you are cross stitching . . . make sure it’s a movie or a TV show that you’ve seen several times already and you don’t have to pay close attention . . .

Otherwise you will be watching the movie and not accomplishing anything with your cross stitch project . . .

Yea, that’s how my day was . . .


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I’ve Been Busy 

At the retreat this weekend, some of the ladies had pictures of their finished projects. And I realized I didn’t have any pictures of mine. 

And it wasn’t until I took these pictures that I realized just how much stitching I did finish this year. 

This is my next project. 


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Home Again, Home Again

I’m home from my retreat. Gnomie is helping me with the laundry and unpacking. The most unfun part of traveling. 

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Home Sweet Home

I went to Branson with my bestie for a cross stitch retreat.

Earlier this year I told my dear friend that I didn’t want to be home on November 14 because it was the 40th anniversary of my first date with Prince Charming . . . and the date that we had picked to be married . . . and I had no idea where to go or what to do because everything I could think of was something that we had done or something we had planned to do.  She said “okay” and worked her magic and found the perfect thing . . . a three day cross stitch retreat in Branson.  A place I had never been.  A place that Prince Charming and I didn’t have on our bucket list.  A place where not everybody knew my story and knew the importance of Saturday’s date.

So I said “okay”

We left on Wednesday and got home today.  We met new friends.  We ate yummy food at places the locals recommended.  We worked on our cross stitch projects.  We went shopping at a local needlework shop.  We went to see Jim Stafford.  We went to the Titanic museum.

And since there were a lot of things we didn’t see, we made plans to go back to this particular retreat again.

Yesterday had very bad and very hard parts to it and it had totally wonderful parts to it.  All in all it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

Since this year’s anniversary was a little better than last year’s anniversary . . . for once I have hope that maybe next year will be a little easier than this year

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I’m on an adventure with my bestie. We are at a cross stitch retreat. 

Anybody willing to post bail if we get in trouble? 

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Self Care


It was a bad day at work.

I’m slightly overworked because a co worker is out on medical leave til mid-February. And I’m doing her job AND mine.

On top of training the docs on the new electronic health record system.

We “Go Live” in a week and a half and there are 1,000,001 things left to do.

Not to mention I have two three new docs to appoint to medical staff and ten docs to complete biennale reappointment.

Seems like someone is stopping by my office or paging me every five minutes.

I’m crabby, and cranky, and not pleasant.

So Prince Charming is in the basement doing his thing. The dogs are outside. I think Fluff is in the basement with Prince Charming.

And me – I’m cross stitching. And it was HIS suggestion.

Gotta love a man that knows what I really need!

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