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Quarantine Day 17

I live in Ohio . . . I work at the local Public Library . . . the library has been closed since March 18 . . . that makes today Day 17 of the Quarantine.

I work in the business office and am considered an “essential” employee and am lucky enough to work from home . . . I have a laptop, a mobile hotspot device and set up a work space in the basement in Prince Charming’s Ham Radio area (he called it his Ham Shack).  It’s a little chilly so I bought an “office cardigan” and a little space heater to keep me warm in my new work space.  Except for the whole “world health crisis” thing, life is pretty good . . .

With the trouble I have with my low level anxiety, I’m surprised that this hasn’t thrown me off the deep end.  I’m not having any problems with stress or worry . . . I guess the whole “I’ve already faced my worst nightmare” thing has prepared me nicely for this new reality . . .

That being said . . . I do worry about my Mom’s health . . . she’s 85 and has some underlying health issues . . . I’m concerned about BIL #1’s health . . . he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a couple of years ago . . . I’m worried about Baby Sister as she struggles with anxiety and is not doing well facing this crisis . . . but I’m confident we will get through this . . . we’re tough cookies.

I’m enjoying having time at home with the dogs.  Millie is THRILLED that I’m home all the time because that means more cookies.  Rocky is not thrilled.  I’m home all the time which means that Millie is spending a lot more time out of her crate and BOTHERING him as he’s trying to nap.

There’s a zillion things I SHOULD be doing . . . cleaning . . . organizing . . . reading . . . working on my cross stitch projects . . . finding new recipes in my cookbooks . . . and I’m not doing any of that . . .

I’m walking the dogs and enjoying watching spring arrive in my little part of Ohio.  I’m watching stupid TV shows and catching up on my soaps.  I’m reading a lot of silly stuff on the internet . . . and some very serious stuff.  My world stops at 2 pm every day for the Governor’s daily press conference . . . we call it “Wine With DeWine”!

Yes, the coronavirus stuff is serious.  It’s scary.  It’s a strange and scary new world we live in.  But there are a few silver linings in those ugly black storm clouds.



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