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There’s a few errands I should be running today

But it’s the first day in ages that it’s not freezing . . . or snowing . . .

And I don’t have the heart to call her inside when she’s enjoying sunning herself on the deck . . .

So the errands can wait

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Happy New Year

Spending a quiet night at home.

Binge watching Blue Bloods.

Cross stitch.

Listening to the dogs snore.

Not a bad way to celebrate.

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Wild Time

Watching Charlie Brown

Sending Christmas cards

Doing laundry

Single girl life is ssooo exciting

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November 28

There about a hundred things I should be doing . . .

Sending out Christmas cards . . .

Decorating the tree . . .

Going out shopping . . .

But I’m happily sitting here with Millie asleep on my feet and listening to Rocky snore.

Everything can wait a bit.

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I’m writing a post about my Florida vacation.

Loving the sun, sand, pools

It’s been hotter then heck.

It rains for 30 to 45 minutes and then it stops. Sometimes you get stuck in a store and have to shop some more. Sometimes you get stuck at a beachside bar and just have to consume a few more beverages.

People are curious about my “accent” and I don’t have an accent.

I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally deleted most of it.

The “undo” button is next to the space bar on my iPad.

Curse, swear, filth and foul.

I’m headed to the beach.

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My Weight Loss Program

I’ve lost about 10 pounds in the last couple of months.

rocky and millie

These two are part of the program.  They like to go for walks.  We have gone for a walk just about every morning for over three months now.  They look at me like this until I finally give in and get the leashes and we go for our “excursion” every morning.

rocky and millie 2

This is the view that I have during our walks every morning.  It’s clear to see I’m not the leader of the pack.  Millie pulls me along for the majority of the walk.  Rocky keeps up with her pace for about half of the walk – then he hangs with me.  Millie has to be the first to see everything.  She has to be the first to look around the corners, to look into privacy fences to see if there are any little dogs waiting to bark at her, she has to be the first one across the street.  Rocky is content to keep up with her for a while and then he gets tired of racing along and starts to slow down and enjoy the time that he has Mommy all to himself.  When we are walking, Millie isn’t interested in being the center of my attention.

I enjoy just being out side with no particular place to go and no time limit on when we get there.

Right now . . . life is good . . . and I owe a lot of it to them.

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The Little House On Gable Street

Today’s “thankful” post on FB was about how much I love my house – The Little House On Gable Street.

2013-03-06 14.26.16

This is The Little House on Gable Street.  My home sweet home.  I’ve lived here for 25 years now.

2014-09-11 13.45.45

It has two bedrooms, a dining room, one bathroom, a basement that was built for a short person (it has low ceilings).  It was built in 1923 so it’s probably not up to the local building codes.  I joked with Prince Charming that nothing in the house is plumb or level.  It has a garage at the back of the lot – which is why Hal is parked in the driveway.

Sometimes it seems way too big (like right after the divorce and now that Prince Charming is gone).  Sometimes it seems way too small (like any time Rocky & Millie are romping through the house or when my family comes over for a family gathering).  Sometimes I think I’m in way over my head trying to maintain this place all by myself.  See, the deal always was that there would be “someone” to do the handyman stuff . . . I had no idea that that “someone” would end up being me.

It’s been my dream house since the minute I set foot in it all those years ago.  I love how the sunlight comes in the kitchen and the back bedroom in the morning.  I love the front porch – especially when I put up Christmas lights.  I really love the deck on the back of the house.  Since I’ve made some improvements to the back yard (i.e. tearing down the mud room, building the new deck, and taking down the crappy sheds and the lean-to that XH left for me to deal with), I enjoy spending time in the back yard.  Someday I’ll decide that I love the garage – when I finally get the nerve to sort through Prince Charming’s stuff.  That’s the big project for next year.

But mostly I’m proud of the fact that this is MY house.  My most prized possession.  The one thing that I can say I own all by myself.  XH was sure that I’d lose the house once we got divorced and it irks him to no end that I paid it off and it’s now 100% totally mine.

And I’m blessed that Rocky and Millie let me stay here with them.

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