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Another New Job . . .

Yup . . . I started a new job . . . with the local library . . . it’s six minutes from my house . . . it pays a little more than the other job . . . and the best perk yet . . .


I have access to Advance Reader Copies . . . TO KEEP FOR MY VERY OWN . . . FOR FREE . . .

Somebody pinch me because I have died and gone to Heaven!!

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I Can’t Make This Sh!t Up

So y’all know that I lost my wonderful job at Lovely Catholic School a couple of months ago . . .

I’ve been looking for a new job and have been discouraged at the lack of progress and the low salary offers at the jobs I’ve been offered.  I finally found a job in with the Risk Management Department working for the county commissioners in the county next to where I live.  It’s a 30 minute drive (ugh!) but it’s not a difficult job, has decent benefits, pay less than what I was making at Catholic School and a lot less than I was making at the Community Health office.  But it’s a job with insurance so I took it and I’m hoping I can find something better paying closer to home.  Not much luck on that front at the moment but I’m going to keep looking.

One of my Dear Friends knows about my struggle to find a good paying job and my hesitation to take the County job because of the low pay.  So when the girl who has my old job at Community Health Office turned in her resignation last week, Dear Friend asked me if I wanted to “interview” for my old job.  Yes, the job that I hated so much that I quit and took a part time job making $10/hour to get away from.  The job that had the CEO that looked so much like Prince Charming that I had an anxiety attack every time I saw him in the hall.  The job that didn’t pay attention when I said I was “in over my head” and when the major screw up that I was afraid was going to happen did, indeed, happen, they almost fired me.  Yes, the very same job.  I laughed and then Dear Friend said she could pay me MORE than what I was making before.  When I asked about the “almost got fired” thing, she didn’t answer me but asked me to think about it and get back to her.

Okay, so I’m majorly tempted to interview for this job.  It’s about $6/hour more than what I’m making now.  It’s a job I know and know I can do well.  The majority of the people that are there are people I can work with on a daily basis.  The CEO that looks like Prince Charming is still there . . . but he’s retiring in six months so that won’t be a problem (or so they tell me)!  The job has been restructured a bit and reports to the office manager and the medical director instead of just the medical director.  The Office Manager is someone who was promoted to that job while I was still at Community Health Office and did not speak to me AT ALL THE LAST YEAR I WAS THERE.  Uh, I’m gonna report to someone who can’t even TALK to me?!  Dear Friend assured me that Office Manager “will be able to work with me” and “she’s fine” with it if I get hired.

Like I said, I’m majorly tempted . . . better pay, same insurance as The County, less of a commute, less of a learning curve, familiar people . . .

But . . . it’s going back to “that building” that I dreaded entering every day after Prince Charming died.  It’s being in meetings that will take place in the room where I met with the Troopers . . . a room I couldn’t stand being in anymore after that day.  It’s facing a CEO that looks like Prince Charming but acts nothing like Prince Charming.  As much as I want to take the job . . . and as much as I want to not have to worry about a paycheck . . . I honestly believe that taking that job is taking a big step backwards and all the progress I’ve made over the last four years will be flushed down the toilet.

I called Dear Friend and explained all of my reservations to her and why I did not want to interview for the job . . . and she understood and thanked me for my honesty.  She also was proud of me for being strong enough to do what I felt was right for me and not taking the easy way to solve a temporary problem . . . even though it meant she had to do a serious search to find someone to fill that position.

Even though I would have loved to take advantage of all the positives . . . there were way too many negatives for me to be comfortable there again.

And I’m still shaking my head that they even considered asking me . . .






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Surely You Can’t Be Serious

As part of my enrollment in the Ohio Unemployment Insurance Compensation program, I am required to participate in the OhioMeansJobs program to help in my search for a new job.  They send me links to jobs that match my resume from time to time . . . but sadly the jobs are usually not close to me or anything that I’m even qualified for . . . but hey I realize it’s a computer and it’s only spitting out information based on the information that it’s received about me and my job search.

Today I received an email with the following information . . .

“The purpose of is to match employers looking for talent and job seekers looking for their next best job. Based on your resume, we believe we found a possible match.  Your credentials have matched you to job number3637271. Due to your qualifications, we have taken the extra step to forward your resume to the employer for their review. If the employer is interested, they will make contact with you directly.”

Okay . . . I guess since I am signed up for unemployment, they kinda have the right to do this.  But it still upsets me that they took it upon themselves to forward my resume without even telling me what the job is . . .

So I go to the site and find the job posting . . . (emphasis added on some parts but this is the actual job posting on the website)

“Desired Skills/Duties: What we look for in an ENTRY-LEVEL CANDIDATE: Great interpersonal skills and customer service Comfortable in fast-paced environments Ability to self-manage, think on your feet, solution oriented Enjoy working with and helping others Typically looking for more growth opportunities and stable careers Our company has a high success rate of training people with these backgrounds for our entry-level positions. Submit your resume today and you will be contacted about scheduling an interview immediately. Benefits Include: On the job training Advancement opportunities based on performance Travel opportunities Management Development Supportive, high energy, team environment Hourly Pay + Commission, Bonuses, Incentives Requirements Outgoing personalities Strong work ethic The desire to learn and grow professionally Enjoy working with and helping people Goal oriented and self-motivated ** This is an ENTRY LEVEL position, no industry experience is required. We are willing to train the RIGHT candidates from the bottom up”

I’m not even going to get started on the grammar, punctuation and sentence structure on this job posting . . . WTF . . . I have THIRTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as an administrative assistant!  I’ve managed the office of an environmental law firm.  I was the Executive Secretary to the Medical Staff at a Mental Health Facility.  And they think I’m a “possible match” for an entry level position with no industry experience needed . . .

Wonder if I’ll get a “thanks, but we’ve chosen another candidate” response from them as well . . .

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Unemployment Update

I’ve been home now for a little more than a month.  The last time I was off work this long was when I had my hysterectomy back in 2007.

The dogs don’t understand why I’m home all the time . . . but they are grateful for the extra attention . . . and extra cookies . . .

I’m getting a little bored . . . there are only so many applications you can fill in one day.

I need to work on my “Honey Do” list of projects around the house.

I need to get moving on the cross stitch project I’m working on as a wedding gift for my niece.  She’s getting married in a little more than a month and I’ve barely gotten started on it.  Ugh.

I have an ever growing pile of books that I could/should be reading . . .

I’ve discovered that unemployment brings out the same “oh you poor thing” response that I heard so many times right after Prince Charming died.  I have actually laughed at people who give me the “oh you poor thing” and “You are in my prayers” speech.  I’ve started responding with the “Oh, shit, this is nothing.  I’ve survived WAY worse than this.  I’m going to be just fine thankyouverymuch.” and I enjoy the wide eyed reaction . . . yea, I’m going to hell for that . . .

I’ve had more than a few “thank you but we’ve chosen someone else” responses to applications.  I’ve had a couple of interviews that seem promising. It’s not as bleak as I thought it was going to be.

I’m trying to figure out a response to “where do you see yourself in five years” question.  Hell, I’m still trying to figure out the widow thing and now you want me to have a five year career plan . . . my career plan is to find a stable job and make enough money to pay the bills for the next 12 years until I can retire . . . but I can’t say any of that to an interviewer . . . can I?

A friend told me today that I should accept this time off as a gift and enjoy it . . . I’m trying really hard to follow that advice . . .

But we all know I’m a worry wart and won’t . . .


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Watch What You Say

The loss of my job was rather sudden . . . for me . . . I kinda had an idea that it might happen but didn’t really think it would . . .

It was rather sudden for my co-workers . . . and for my friends . . . they knew I loved my job and was very happy at the Local Catholic School . . .

There have been rumors for years that Local Catholic School was struggling financially and that it might close . . . these rumors were floating around way back when I was in high school almost *cough* 40 *cough* years ago . . .

I haven’t posted anything on social media about my unexpected adventure into semi-retirement . . . and anything I’ve said to anyone has been positive and upbeat . . . I promised my boss I would paint a positive picture of the events and emphasize my support for Local Catholic School . . . as a lifelong resident of this town, I love Local Catholic School as much as the alumni and want to see it succeed as much as anyone, it wasn’t personal . . . it was business . . . it happens . . . and I’ve survived way worse than the loss of a job . . .

So picture me surprised when my former boss contacted me to ask about a FB post that had been shared with him about my use of the words “declining enrollment” describing the reasons why my job was eliminated.  Picture me even more surprised when I remembered that the post in question was not about my job situation but about a national hotel chain allowing dogs to stay for free at their properties . . . the use of the offending words was in a response to a response of a comment someone made on the post . . . unless you read every word of that particular post you would have never seen that particular sentence.

I told my former boss that it wasn’t my intention to ever paint Local Catholic School in a negative light (in the comment I expressed my hope that things turned around and enrollment would increase in the coming months) and that I would remove the post to avoid any further problems.

Then I got to thinking . . . who the hell has that much time on their hands that they read every word of every one of my posts and then has to run to the COO of Local Catholic School to ask for verification of the “facts” that I presented?  Who in their right might wouldn’t automatically think that budget cuts two years in a row didn’t have something to do with declining enrollment?  Are the parents that much in denial that they don’t already know that the school is struggling?  Or are they trying to keep the perfect picture of Local Catholic School out there for the community and don’t want anything to tarnish that image?

So once again . . . I have to watch what I say to avoid stepping on someone’s toes on my own FB page . . . social media is a powerful thing . . . and it fucking sucks . . .


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What Day Is It Again?

Being suddenly unemployed is stressful.  I’m worried about how I’m gonna pay the bills.  I’m worried about finding a new job.  I’m not exactly a spring chicken . . . which I was reminded of when I had the phone interview with the lady at unemployment office.  I have 35 years of administrative assistant experience.  I have 25 years of experience as an executive assistant.  I have 9 years of experience being a bookkeeper.  I’m worried about screwing up my unemployment claim and not getting any help . . . . and then when I realized how little money I would get with unemployment, I’m back to worrying about paying the bills.

Being suddenly unemployed is also somewhat relaxing.  I don’t have to punch a time clock, so I don’t have to go to bed early or get up early.  I can lounge around in my jammies and answer emails and research jobs.  I can have lunch in front of the TV and watch my soaps.

But one thing that I discovered quickly is that I have no concept of days anymore.  It’s only been a week and I have no idea what day of the week it is anymore.  I almost forgot that I needed to set out the trash last night.  If it hadn’t been for a lovely reminder text from Stepdaughter, I would have forgotten to pick up Grandson #2 from school and take him to t-ball practice today.

I’m embracing this new career development as a chance to see what else is out there and I’m overall excited about the future . . . when I’m not stressing over tiny details.  But I think I need to get into a routine of some sort . . . and I’m kinda hoping I can win the lottery and stay retired!!


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Stay Home

Taps the microphone

“Is this thing on? Check.  Check”

Okay . . . *clears throat*

I know that everyone is saying this but I don’t think anyone is listening . . .

If you are sick . . . stay home

If you have a fever . . . stay home

If you are having stomach issues . . . stay home

Dear Students . . . I don’t care if you have practice, or a game, or a test, or whatever lame ass excuse you have for being at school when you are sick.  You are spreading your germs to EVERY SINGLE PERSON you come in contact with . . . and they are spreading your germs to EVERY SINGLE PERSON they come in contact with.  It’s no wonder that the flu is running rampant with no end in sight.  Y’all are making us sick because of your “I have to . . . ” nonsense.

Dear Parents . . . your job is to be a PARENT to your child and not their FRIEND.  If they are sick . . . keep them home.  If they give you “but I have . . . ” line of nonsense, shut it down and keep the kid home.  (But Mom, Coach won’t let me play if I don’t show up for practice!)  And for heaven’s sake . . . do not bring the kid TO SCHOOL for the NURSE to tell you to TAKE THEM HOME.  (Yes, we had a parent bring their child to school with a 101 temperature just so that the nurse can verify the kids temperature and SEND THEM HOME.)  And when we call you to tell you the kid is sick and needs to go home . . . come get the kid NOW . . . not “I’ll get him at lunch” or “are you sure he can’t stay?” . . . WTF?!!

You may wonder the reason for my tirade . . . or you may have guessed it . . . I got the flu.  Probably from one of the sick kids, or sick teachers, or sick parents that have paraded through the front office over the past week.  Yes, I got a flu shot . . . thank heavens or it would have been much worse than a low grade fever, an odd achy feeling, and extreme tiredness.  I told the kids I would not be happy if I get sick because of them . . . I did get sick because of them . . . and I’m not happy.  And I’m going to call them on their BS excuses and send their sick little selves home EVERY SINGLE TIME they come into the office and complain about not feeling well . . .

excuse me while I go back to the couch . . .



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