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Stay Home

Taps the microphone

“Is this thing on? Check.  Check”

Okay . . . *clears throat*

I know that everyone is saying this but I don’t think anyone is listening . . .

If you are sick . . . stay home

If you have a fever . . . stay home

If you are having stomach issues . . . stay home

Dear Students . . . I don’t care if you have practice, or a game, or a test, or whatever lame ass excuse you have for being at school when you are sick.  You are spreading your germs to EVERY SINGLE PERSON you come in contact with . . . and they are spreading your germs to EVERY SINGLE PERSON they come in contact with.  It’s no wonder that the flu is running rampant with no end in sight.  Y’all are making us sick because of your “I have to . . . ” nonsense.

Dear Parents . . . your job is to be a PARENT to your child and not their FRIEND.  If they are sick . . . keep them home.  If they give you “but I have . . . ” line of nonsense, shut it down and keep the kid home.  (But Mom, Coach won’t let me play if I don’t show up for practice!)  And for heaven’s sake . . . do not bring the kid TO SCHOOL for the NURSE to tell you to TAKE THEM HOME.  (Yes, we had a parent bring their child to school with a 101 temperature just so that the nurse can verify the kids temperature and SEND THEM HOME.)  And when we call you to tell you the kid is sick and needs to go home . . . come get the kid NOW . . . not “I’ll get him at lunch” or “are you sure he can’t stay?” . . . WTF?!!

You may wonder the reason for my tirade . . . or you may have guessed it . . . I got the flu.  Probably from one of the sick kids, or sick teachers, or sick parents that have paraded through the front office over the past week.  Yes, I got a flu shot . . . thank heavens or it would have been much worse than a low grade fever, an odd achy feeling, and extreme tiredness.  I told the kids I would not be happy if I get sick because of them . . . I did get sick because of them . . . and I’m not happy.  And I’m going to call them on their BS excuses and send their sick little selves home EVERY SINGLE TIME they come into the office and complain about not feeling well . . .

excuse me while I go back to the couch . . .




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November 16

I work at a high school . . . in the front office . . . I have a lot of exposure to the kids.

I’m always hearing stories about how busy their lives are . . . homework . . . sports . . . part time jobs . . .

I’m always worried that the fast paced lives they lead at such young ages will bite them in the butt someday . . . and I tell them that frequently . . . and they don’t listen . . . they think I’m a silly old lady that “doesn’t understand” what it’s like to be young . . .

My ex-father-in-law used to say “if you can’t hear, you can feel” and I say this often to the kids . . . they don’t really understand what it means . . .

Today changed that for a few of them . . .

Today was the fall blood drive at the school.  Several kids signed up to donate blood.  Several of them had complications after they donated blood.  The front office was filled with a parade of kids who needed to lay down or go home because they felt awful after their blood donation.

The school nurse and I were sympathetic and understanding . . . and tried to explain to the kids that they needed to take better care of themselves.  Eat better.  Get more sleep.  Drink something other than coffee or soda or energy drinks.  They looked at us like we were crazy . . . “but I have to . . . ” and gave us some long complicated story about how they couldn’t follow our advice.  We told them that the “but I have to . . . ” is the reason why they feel like crap and if they don’t mind feeling like crap then keep doing what they’re doing . . . if they don’t want to feel like crap they should try our advice.  After all the only thing they’re going to “lose” is feeling like crap all the time.

None of them paid any attention to us . . .

If they can’t hear . . . they can feel . . . and eventually they’ll learn that lesson

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November 13

Seems like “senioritis” has hit the kids at the school where I work extremely early this year.

The seniors are hanging in the office during their last period study hall and annoying  me and the school secretary . . .

Is it strange that the staff are counting the days until Christmas break as much as the students are?



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Adult Distraction Syndrome

Definition:  When you start one project but get distracted by another project . . . before you know it, you’ve spent the whole morning outside and didn’t accomplish your original project.
Original project – final measurements for the “buy the downspout” project.
What actually happened . . .
I step out onto the patio and discover the bird feeder is empty so I fill the bird feeder
After shutting the door to the garage and walking back to the house I decide to do “poop patrol” and pick up the poop that accumulated since yesterday.
But before I get the supplies I need for “poop patrol” I decide to do some weeding in the flower bed in front of the garage.  What do you know?  The ground is soft enough that the weeds come out easily.  I weed for a bit and realize I’m supposed to be doing something else.
I get the measurements I need and notice that there’s a lot of lint on the ground in front of the dryer vent.  I should probably check that out.  Prince Charming was a stickler for cleaning out the dryer vent at least once every year . . . I’m not as dedicated as he was . . . I have no idea the last time I cleaned the dryer vent.
Cleaning the dryer vent involves walking around the house because we only have one gate in the front of the house.  Walking around the house means walking past the flower bed that used to have the English Ivy in it.  One of my dear neighbors sprayed the English Ivy with weed killer for me last year and killed all the ivy.  I managed to get most of it out of the ground but there are still some stubborn pieces that need to come out.  I wondered if the ground was soft enough for that to come out easily too.  So I stopped and tugged on a few of the stubborn pieces.  Sure enough, they came right out!!  After a few minutes I realized I was supposed to be doing something else . . . and went to check the dryer vent.
The dryer vent was mostly clear and I picked up the a good bit of the lint that was on the ground.  It was about this time that I had the realization that the crap the birds have strung all over the yard was lint from the dryer vent.  Dang messy birds!!  And I realized that I needed to check the dryer tube thing that runs from the back of the dryer to the dryer vent to make sure it wasn’t clogged.  Which meant walking back around the house and going to the basement.
I go to the basement and take apart the dryer tube thing and clean it out as much as I can.  It doesn’t look too bad  I even check where the tube thing goes into the dryer and get that lint out too.  Prince Charming would be so proud of me.  It’s a little cramped in the space between the dryer and the washer and I’m kind of claustrophobic so I don’t dawdle too much with this task.
So I’ve got all this stuff done. . . none of them on my To Do list for today.  It’s now noon, I haven’t had a shower yet, and I will need lunch before I go shopping.  My plan was to be done with shopping at the hardware store by noon.  And I wonder why my days off are never very productive.

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Drama, Drama, Drama

The most interesting part of working in the front office of a high school is seeing the drama that unfolds on a (almost) daily basis with the high school students.

The hardest part of working in the front office of a high school is not laughing at the drama that unfolds on a (almost) daily basis with the high school students.


This was supposed to post yesterday!  I’m still working out the kinks in the “schedule a post” thing.




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Terrible Horrible Very Bad Day

There’s a short story or a poem about a little boy that is having what he calls a “terrible, horrible, very bad day”.

I feel like I’m living that right now.

Work drama.  Work issues.  Anxiety.  Angst.  I don’t like my job very much right now.

But there are people at work who are bright spots.  They make me smile.  They give me confidence.  They give me hope that things are gonna get better.

I lost one of those people Monday night.  No warning.  One minute he was here.  The next minute he was gone.  I last saw him on Friday.  My last words to him expressed my frustration with the daily drama of the job.  I don’t remember his last words to me, but I remember they made me smile.

They make me smile even now through the tears.

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Monday Night

Date night . . . at Chipotle

Errands at Wally World

We’ve decided we live in Pajama Bottom Town . . . everyone is wearing them so it must be a new fashion trend

Watching football . . . why is Tampa Bay so bad . . . and when did Indy get good?

Prince Charming goes to work in two days . . . we’re both so excited we can’t stand it!

Poor puppies are gonna miss him . . .

Lunch will certainly be different . . .

But the paycheck will more than make up for it!

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