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This Is A Test . . .

And Prince Charming passed with flying colors.  It was his “how do you take care of a sick girlfriend” test.

It’s been hot and muggy here the last couple of weeks.  Highs in the 90’s with humidity so bad that the heat index is like 110!  The weather man is calling it “air you can wear” and you can feel it the minute you walk outside . . . it hasn’t been this bad in quite a few years.

Normally, I don’t mind summer.  I like the warmer weather.  I like the heat.   I don’t like the humidity.  Or rather, the humidity doesn’t like me.  The humidity triggers my migraines.  I’ve been very lucky and have had the migraines under control for a while . . . so much so that I can take over the counter meds whenever I get one.  Well, that streak has gone out the window.  I’ve had migraines off and on for the past week.

You know me, I’m a trouper.  I suck it up and deal with it.  I take the OTC meds and soldier on with life.  One foot in front of the other and all that jazz.  This has been a new experience for Prince Charming.  I’ve explained my history of migraines to him and that it’s not unusual for the headaches to last so long . . . and I’ve explained why I don’t have anything stronger than OTC meds to help me deal with it . . . and he’s been wonderfully understanding . . . and wonderfully supportive . . .

But there comes a time when “soldiering on” doesn’t work anymore and I have to give in and cry “Uncle” and let the migraine win . . . and that’s what I did on Monday.  I woke up and my head hurt worse than it had in a while.  I just didn’t have the strength to fight it anymore so I cried “uncle,” called in sick, and crawled back into bed.

Prince Charming woke up and was surprised that I was still in bed.  I explained that the migraine won and I was staying home from work today.  He asked if there was anything he could do to make it better . . . awww . . . I told him I just needed to sleep . . . bless his heart . . . he had me put my head on his shoulder and rubbed my right temple until I fell asleep again.

But wait . . . there’s more . . .

He waited on me hand and foot . . . he took the phone out of the bedroom so it wouldn’t wake me up . . . when I finally got up he made me tea and toast . . . he sat on the couch and let me rest my head on his shoulder and nap off and on most of the day . . . he gently convinced me that I needed to eat lunch . . . and take more meds . . . and drink more tea.  At one point I told him it was okay if he had stuff that he needed to do and he said that the only thing on his agenda for today was to make sure my headache went away . . . aaawwww . . .

So we sat on the couch and watched TV . . . not the trash TV that I normally watch when I’m home sick . . . it was the debt ceiling debate stuff on CNN and Fox but it didn’t really matter because I was napping most of the time . . . and besides, I was with Prince Charming . . .

I got lucky and the headache went away by the end of the day and (knock wood) it hasn’t come back . . .

I got lucky and have found a man that isn’t afraid to show his sensitive and caring side . . .


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I love the little house.

But there are things that XH did that I hate and I want to change. I want the little house to be a home for me and Prince Charming.

I have a big list of things that I want to do . . . and I want to do them all now . . . but since money is an issue, they go on a list and the priority of the list changes based on my mood!

It’s my house now so I should be able to do whatever I want, right?

So why do I have pangs of guilt every time I think of removing something that I tolerated for years because it was what XH wanted? I didn’t want it in the first place, I don’t like it now that I have to deal with it, but yet I feel guilty that I’m taking down something that XH did?

How long before I finally start to feel comfortable in the little house?

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Longest Week Ever

How it only just now be Friday?

Weeks with a day off for a holiday are always difficult . . . I can never tell what day it is!

Just one more work day and it’s the weekend again. Whoo hoo!

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Today’s My Birthday!

A cake has been baked FOR me not BY me!

Bacon is being cooked FOR me, not BY me!

A present was bought FOR me, not BY me!

My wildest birthday wishes have all come true! What a difference a year makes!


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This makes me laugh.  Every.  Time.  I.  See.  It.


Funny how the thing you never knew you wanted ends up being the thing you can’t live without!

I know I say that all the time about Millie . . . but it’s true . . . she’s been such a blessing to me.  Rocky loves her and they are inseparable.  She’s the wild one of the bunch . . . she wants to be a good girl, but sometimes her joy for living takes over and it gets her into all kinds of trouble . . . you can see that we had to keep her leash on her during the photo shoot . . . there were too many things to see and smell and slurp . . .

But when you are looking at a face like that . . . you can’t be mad at her for very long . . .


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After the divorce, I lived alone for 6 months . . . it was nice, quiet, orderly. Predictable. I had a schedule and Millie, Rocky, and I were all very happy being here in the Little House. A family of three.

Then Prince Charming arrived . . . and everything changed. We have a schedule, but it’s not set in stone. Life is predictable but it also changes frequently. The house is still tidy and orderly . . . most of the time . . . when you are out doing things and going places you tend not to care about if there is clutter on the kitchen table. If you are enjoying someone’s company, you don’t care if the dishes don’t get done right away. If you are having wonderful conversations about all kinds of things, you don’t need the TV on for background noise . . .

I’ve learned to let go of a lot of things. Accept new things. Experience new things. Thank you, Prince Charming, for helping me open up a bit and live life with more gusto . . .

But most of all . . . thank you for bringing laughter back to the Little House . . . listening to you laugh tonight while you were watching TV made the Little House feel like Home again . . .

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What A Cute Little Family!

Everybody . . . this is Prince Charming.  Prince Charming . . . this is everybody!

This was taken about two weeks after Prince Charming moved into the Little House.  It was at a event to raise funds for the local Humane Society . . . and I had scheduled the appointment before I knew that Prince Charming would be moving to Ohio.  I wasn’t sure if he would want to be in a family portrait with me and the dogs . . . and bless his heart, he said “yes” before I could even finish asking the question!

The photographer had no idea of our little family’s background and commented several times on what a cute family we were and how happy the dogs were.

It warmed my heart to hear that . . . because at that time I was full of questions about “What the heck am I doing?”

The first picture isn’t quite my idea of a traditional family portrait  . . .  but we aren’t necessarily a traditional family so that’s a perfect picture of us!  It is a true picture of what who we are . . .

But the traditionalist in me had to have the formal posed portrait, too!

See those smiles . . . yea, that’s how it is all the time . . . in case you’re wondering . . . it was easy to get Rocky to be still but Millie was a different story!  

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