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I’m writing a post about my Florida vacation.

Loving the sun, sand, pools

It’s been hotter then heck.

It rains for 30 to 45 minutes and then it stops. Sometimes you get stuck in a store and have to shop some more. Sometimes you get stuck at a beachside bar and just have to consume a few more beverages.

People are curious about my “accent” and I don’t have an accent.

I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally deleted most of it.

The “undo” button is next to the space bar on my iPad.

Curse, swear, filth and foul.

I’m headed to the beach.


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November 3 

Girls weekend in Amish country. 

Anybody got bail money? 

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Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

I really do have good intentions when I do the Post A Day thing.  But life happens.

Going on vacation in October is not a good thing when you work at a school.  Especially when your co-worker goes on a two week vacation after you get back.  It took me until just before Thanksgiving week to get caught up on stuff.  Only to be behind again because of Thanksgiving break.

I’m tired of the election stuff.

I’m excited about the 0-16 Parade that is supposed to happen in Cleveland if the Browns really do go all season without a win.

I’m excited about Christmas . . . shopping, decorating, watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (even though I’m going to cry through the whole thing).

I’m planning my 2017 vacation . . . I’m going to Florida . . . again.  I thought about going to Myrtle Beach but the hotel where Prince Charming and I stayed got bought out last year and the parent company isn’t offering the same deals as before.  The discount is better but only for certain dates.  Ugh.

I guess I have no motivation to write . . . I’m too busy doing life.


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I forgot to post something last night.

I almost forgot to post something tonight.

It’s been a long week.  Stressful and painful.  Nothing serious . .

Tonight was “therapy night” and my favorite night of the week.  Dinner with Mom after 4:30 pm Mass . . . dinner at Fazoli’s . . . shopping at our favorite Dollar Tree store.

Today . . . life is good . . .


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Good News . . . Bad News

Like a gazillion people, I bought a Power Ball ticket on Friday night.  And I had big plans for the millions of dollars I would win!

Bad news is . . . I didn’t win.

Good news is . . . nobody won.

So I still have a chance!!


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What’s That Clicking Noise?

Living alone and having with a hearing impairment can be a little scary at times. I have hearing aids but I don’t generally wear them when I’m home at night. I figure that as long as the dogs are around, they will let me know if someone is at the front door or if something interesting is going on outside.

For the last day or so I’ve heard a noise every time I walked into the spare bedroom. It’s a metallic sound – not really a click and not quite a clank and not really loud – and it always seems to stop whenever I stop to try and figure out what the heck I’m hearing.

Is it the furnace? It is the wind making the windows rattle? Is the halogen light in the room going to blow up? Is Millie’s crate falling apart? Is the antique bed that belonged to Prince Charming’s Grandmother falling apart? Did I drop something behind the bookcase?

Since I can’t figure out what it is – and I can’t explain the noise well enough for someone else to come listen to it and figure it out – I decided to leave my hearing aids in and try to solve the mystery myself.

Remember that wonderful medal rack I bought for myself at the USAF Expo prior to the USAF 5k I did back in September? (Oh, yea, I bought a medal rack at the USAF Expo to display my medals! At the moment there are 14 medals on the rack.)

2015-12-09 22.18.43

Ain’t it purty?! (The rack, not the wall behind the rack!)

Turns out the noise is the medals on the rack clanging together when I walk through the room.

Okay, so I’m laughing that the fact that 1) I have enough medals to fill up a medal rack and 2) medals for races that I didn’t think I wanted to do are making that much noise and have been driving me crazy all week!

Life here is certainly never boring!!

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It’s The Little Things In Life

I went with my Mom today to donate some of Dad’s clothes to a local church. Mom had cleaned out Dad’s closet and discovered that he had a lot of very nice gently used clothes.  Some of the shirts had never been worn.  Mom wanted to donate the clothes but she wanted to donate them to someone that wouldn’t re-sell them.  She wanted them to be given away to anyone who would need them.  After my sister and I did some research, we discovered that one of the churches in the little area where we grew up has a weekly “clothes closet” and people who need clothes can come to the church and get what they need for free.  They were excited to get a donation of men’s clothes since they don’t get that type of donation very often.  I offered to help Mom with this particular task because Hal is bigger than her little car and I didn’t want her to be lugging a bunch of boxes and bags by herself.

I told you that story to tell you this story . . .

Some of you know that I have a little Blues Clues dog that travels in the car with me.  I got him many years ago from my big sister when she was having a yard sale.  Blue originally belonged to one of my nieces and they decided they didn’t want him anymore.  Being a true Blues Clues fan – and a believer of “rescuing” unwanted dogs – I decided that Blue had to come live with me and he’s been in my car ever since.  He was happy sitting on the console of the Dog Mobile and moved happily to Hal when we upgraded last summer.  Like Gnomie, it’s rare for Blue to sit in the same place for very long.  He likes to move around.

Since I had to move the seats to get all the boxes of clothes into Hal, I moved Blue to the front of the car so that he wouldn’t accidentally get donated.

It wasn’t until I left Mom’s after we made the donation and was driving back home that I noticed where Blue ended up . . .

He’s stuck between the arm rest and the front passenger seat.

I laughed at this every time I got into the car today . . .

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that put the biggest smile on your face.

2015-11-24 11.04.52.jpg


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