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Just Like Papaw

Tonight I had supper with Princess Charming and her two adorable little boys . . .

They got to the restaurant before me . . . after I arrived and sat down, Princess Charming told Little Man to show me his new hat.

Ryder Elmer Fudd Hat

“Oh, darlin’, that’s a beautiful hat!”

Then I looked at Princess Charming and she looked at me and we both had the same thought at the same time . . .


Little Man looks so much like his Papaw Prince Charming that we can’t even stand it.  Princess Charming said that Little Man put the hat on as soon as he saw it and asked, ever so sweetly, “Mommy, can I have this hat?”  How could Mommy say no?

Princess Charming and I both think that Prince Charming had a hand in helping Little Man pick out that particular hat . . .

And, not surprisingly, Prince Charming just knew that I needed to see Little Man in that hat tonight.




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It Never Fails

A few months ago, I was looking for a new comforter for my bed. I found several I liked but they were fairly expensive . . . So I went to a local discount store to look at their comforters. They didn’t have too many in the size I wanted. But I found one I liked at a fairly decent price.

While I was looking I saw many different and lovely comforters that were twin sized and reasonably priced.

Today I went looking for twin sized comforters for the grandsons. Guess what I discovered . . .

Lots of king sized comforters and very few twin sized comforters suitable for little boys.

It never fails. I can always find something I like when I don’t need it.

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Wild Time

Watching Charlie Brown

Sending Christmas cards

Doing laundry

Single girl life is ssooo exciting

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We Were On A Break

Yesterday Netflix announced they were removing “Friends” from their streaming service starting January 1, 2019 . . . and the world came UNGLUED . . .

It was all over social media yesterday how upset the “Friends” groupies were about the news.  Threatening to cancel their Netflix account and all sorts of angst and drama . . .

Then Netflix changed their minds and decided to keep it for at least another year . . .

And that’s when the “we were on a break” memes started . . .



I’m not a big fan of “Friends” . . . and I’m not part of the angst and drama with Netflix’s decision . . . I enjoy a good re-run as much as the next person . . . but I won’t go out of my way to binge watch it . . .

However, Prince Charming WAS a huge fan . . . and that’s how I became a HUGE fan of the “We were on a break!” comment . . .

See, that’s what Prince Charming would say whenever someone mentioned the thirty some years that we were apart . . .

And it was hilarious EVERY SINGLE TIME he said it . . .

That’s why I’m laughing myself silly today . . . every time I see a “we were on a break” meme . . .


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Fifth Time

I went to see Straight No Chaser tonight . . .

It was my fifth time seeing them in six years . . .

And every  year I say “I’ll be back . . . ”

If you haven’t seen them . . . you should . . .

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November 30

First off . . . can you believe I’ve actually completed a full PostADay month!!  Whoo hoo!!

Now the real challenge is seeing if I can keep it up .  .

The real topic today is Christmas Shopping . . . I stopped by a big box store last night to pick up a gift that I had ordered online and had shipped to the store to save me shipping costs.  I was in and out in just a few minutes . . . and thankful to not deal with the crowds.  Then I met a lovely lady as I was walking out the door.  She wished me a good evening and success on my shopping adventures.  She asked how I liked the store pick-up option and I told her I LOVED it!!  She said that she loved the option too and did most of her shopping online now because of the frustration of dealing with crowds and unhappy shoppers at every location . . . and I looked at her and said that was exactly the reason why I shopped online as well.

Now I know that online shopping is causing the death of brick and mortar stores, and people are losing their jobs, and all sorts of other things . . . but this lady is right.  I stopped shopping in stores because of the people who aren’t friendly, or courteous, or even civilized in some cases.  There are crowds that jostle and fight over every little thing just to save a few dollars.  There used to be joy in holiday shopping . . . there doesn’t seem to be any joy.  Yes, I try to spread my own joy when I can but it’s disheartening to have your smile and friendly “hello” ignored by your fellow shoppers . . . and the cashiers who are taking your money . . . and it’s not always when you’re shopping for gifts . . . I get the same feelings when I’m grocery shopping . . .

So instead of adopting the “bah humbug” attitude, I shop at home.  With the puppies at my feet.  Playing Christmas music.  Usually in my sweats or jammies . . . and this helps keep my holiday spirit during the holidays . . .


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November 29

Millie is part lab.  Probably mostly lab.  She has a lab appetite.  She thinks she’s always hungry.  Which is why she had a weight problem when she was a young dog.  Which is why I feed her a half can of green beans with each meal – to help fill her tummy and keep her from thinking she’s hungry all the time.

I have bird feeders in the back yard.  Most of the time she leaves them alone but sometimes she likes to eat the bird seed that the birds have knocked out of the feeders and is on the ground.  Usually in the spring when it’s been raining and the ground is soggy and the spilled seed tends to stink.  That’s when I have to go out almost daily and clean up the seed before she can eat it.

It’s been kind of cold here lately.  We’ve had some snow.  We’ve had an ice storm.  Ground is frozen.  Which means the bird seed on the ground is frozen.  Which makes me think “whoo hoo!! I don’t have to worry about Millie eating bird seed!”

I.  Was.  Wrong.

That goofy little dog has decided that clumps of frozen bird seed are a new delicacy and she MUST EAT ALL THE SEED . . . which means every time she goes out, she heads to the area where the bird seed is and starts feasting on her new treat.

Rocky told on her . . . he came to the back door and looked at me like “Mom, she’s doing it again” and waited for me to step outside to see what she’s up to.

Curse.  Swear. Filth. Foul.  WTF is wrong with this dog?!

So I have to keep a closer eye on her than normal . . . and I have to go out tomorrow while it’s still daylight and chip up the old bird seed to keep her from eating it.

I swear that dog is responsible for a good bit of my gray hair . . .


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