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So Not Ready For This

I’ve been dealing with all kinds of drama lately . . . most of it doesn’t directly affect me . . . but it’s still stuff you don’t want to happen to your family
Bowler Man – married to Little Sister – works for a Cadillac dealership.  He got the news on Wednesday that the dealership is closing.  The official closing date is December 31, 2009, but Bowler Man thinks that he’ll be lucky to hang onto his job for another 60 to 90 days.  He works in the parts department and has been with the dealership for 12 years.  It’s not going to be an easy transition for him.
Trey – the oldest grandson – didn’t graduate with his class.  Jr is still in the process of figuring out options for Trey to get his high school diploma.  Hubby and I have tried to explain to Jr that since Trey is 18 and doesn’t live with him, Jr can’t force Trey to do anything.  It’s ultimately Trey’s decision and since Trey lives with his mom (JrEx), it’s up to JrEx to set some rules.  Not exactly her strong suit and that’s what has Jr all fired up. 
Princess and her drama . . . not much I can do about this situation.  It’s her life, these are her decisions, I just have to make sure that Hubby and I don’t get sucked into the drama.  Should be easy for me since she’s still not talking to me.  Made her visit on Friday night very interesting. 
My mom tells me that I’m a tough cookie and I can handle anything that God throws at me.  Ordinarily, I would agree but I learned something today that makes me doubt my strength.  With all the medical stuff that I’ve dealt with over the years concerning MIL’s and FIL’s health, dealing with medical dramas of any sort are a piece of cake.  Step in, be strong, do the research, give advice.  That’s what I do.  But it’s totally different when the health issues concern your Dad.  Your strong as a horse, never sick a day in his life, former Marine Dad.  It may be nothing.  It may be something.  We have to wait and see.  It might resolve itself like it has over the past couple of years.  Or it might not and we’re looking at a long term serious health problem.   
I’m just not ready for this.   

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Complaint Department

Okay, I’m whining. I admit it. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and I deserve a whining session. Here’s a list of the top 10 things that I’m whining about today.

  1. Why do my patients wait until they take their last dose of medicine before they call me in a panic that they need a refill NOW?
  2. When I do move Heaven and Earth to get the meds for the patient, they decide it’s not such an emergency and don’t pick up the meds . . . for over a week!
  3. Do they honestly think that they will get faster service if they give me a heart wrenching sob story as to why they need an appointment to see the doctor TODAY?
  4. I spend all morning preparing for a regularly scheduled monthly meeting and the people who attend the meeting EVERY MONTH are always a half hour late!
  5. Those meeting packets that I spent all morning preparing? Almost all of them end up in the shredding bin.
  6. I’m still dealing with this cold and I’m still short of breath with the constricted airways. Makes for very interesting phone calls to patients.
  7. I’m getting better slowly but surely. The key word here is slowly. The doc told me that it will be a full two weeks before I’m all better.
  8. The only time we hear from Hubby’s Ex is when she wants something. This time she wants us to make a trip to visit Princess for her 35th birthday next month. I’m not even speaking to Princess, why would I drive 700 miles round trip to visit for her birthday?
  9. I know that I should be grateful that Hubby cleans the house. But does he have to rearrange the knick knacks every time? I can’t find anything anymore. Most of the time he’s moved something to a totally different room or packed it away in storage.
  10. I’m getting used to having Rocky around. I admit that he’s an adorable little guy and I’m glad that Luci loves him so much. So why do I keep calling him Blacky?

I know that I have a case of the mid-winter blahs and that’s what’s causing the whining session. I’ve had Seasonal Affectional Disorder for years so this isn’t anything new for me. I’m sick of the dreary cold weather. I’m sick of being stuck in the house. Losing Blacky last month didn’t help. Having a nasty head/chest cold that’s bordering on pneumonia isn’t helping. I’m remembering to do all the stuff that I need to do to help myself feel better. But sometimes I really just want to throw a temper tantrum and smack someone up side their head. But if I can’t do that, I’ll eat chocolate. Tonight’s choice is Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

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A little background . . . I met Hubby when I was 19 and he was 28. He was recently divorced with two children – Princess (she was 8 then) and Jr. (then 10). Because I was the rebound girl after Hubby’s divorce, The Ex didn’t like me. Which meant the kids didn’t like me. It was ugly for a really long time. But I hoped that, over the years, I would be able to prove to the kids that I wasn’t the evil stepmoster that I had been painted to be. It’s a really long story and I’ll get into it sometime in the future. Let’s just say that I have been able to have a fairly decent relationship with Jr. but I don’t have much hope for ever having a decent relationship with Princess. BTW, Jr. is now 35 and Princess is 34.

More background . . . Princess is and always has been Daddy’s Little Girl (hence the name Princess). Whatever she wanted or needed, Hubby gave. No questions asked. It was fine when she was a little girl, because she was a little girl. But then she turned 18 and she was out on her own. Supposedly being an adult. She would ask Hubby for money and Hubby would give it to her. He didn’t want the grandkids (she has three) to do without. He thought he was helping. Turns out that she’s come to depend on Hubby whenever things get a little tight. Hubby puts his foot down from time to time and that annoys Princess. She calls him horrible names and drops out of our lives for long periods of time – sometimes up to two years. We’re in a on-again part of the relationship and I just know that it’s going to blow up in our faces again soon.

Now for today’s story . . . Princess called last weekend and said that she needed to “get away” for a while and wanted to come home for the Labor Day Holiday. She lives about 7 hours away from us. The last time she suddenly came home for a visit, she was running from problems in her marriage and needed money. Hubby told her that if she didn’t have the money to get back home after the visit, then she should just stay home. As much as he would love to see her and the grandkids, he wasn’t financing the trip. She said she didn’t have the money so she was going to stay home. We thought that was the end of the story.

Fast forward to yesterday. We got a phone call from Big Man (grandson #2 and Princess’ oldest child). The grandkids rarely call us on their own. Usually we talk to them for a little while when we’re talking to Princess. It’s never a good sign when the grandkids call to talk to us. This was no exception. Princess had Big Man call us to ask for money. She had her 15 year old son call and ask for money because she thought that Hubby wouldn’t say no to his grandson.

Hubby did say no to Big Man. He had told Princess a couple of months ago that we weren’t going to send any more money to her. She said she understood. But that didn’t stop her from asking – or rather didn’t stop her from having Big Man ask for her.

I knew in my heart that it was going to be drama 24/7 when she came back into our lives last summer. Because it’s always drama with Princess. And I knew that it would just be a matter of time before she would hit us up for money. Because she’s always hitting us up for money.

But this time she had her 15 year old son ask Hubby for money.

Oh. No. She. Didn’t!

Oh. Yes. She. Did.

By the way, we haven’t heard anything from Princess since last Saturday night when she called to say that she had changed her mind about coming home. After yesterday’s phone call with Big Man, I’m betting it’s going to be a really long time before we hear from her again.

I’d give anything to be wrong about this . . . just once I’d love to be wrong . . .

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Bits & Pieces

 Lots of little stuff running through my head.  Just have to share . . .
Stopped at the post office today to ship a package to Princess (my step-daughter) and the Grandkids.  Saw something that made me shake my head in wonder.  You know those young guys that wear their jeans low on their hip so their boxers show?  This guy had his jeans down over his butt and had almost ALL of his boxers showing.  The best part?  He was wearing a BELT to make sure the pants didn’t fall down.  His girlfriend was walking three paces ahead of him. 
I saw the commercial for the new season of Grey’s Anatomy.  Seriously?  Oh. My. Gawrsh.  An ad agency was paid a lot of money for this? Seriously?  Seriously.
Miracle Girl (my youngest niece) has signed up to be a cheerleader for the local Pee Wee football team.  She’s a little on the shy side so it’s a big deal for her to want to do something like this.  She was at Mom’s on Tuesday night and we asked her to show off some of her new cheers.  The only way we could convince her to do the cheers was to have someone stand up and do them with her.  The person who did the cheers with Miracle Girl was none other than her daddy.  My Mr. Tough Guy Rock Star Baby Brother stood next to his little 6 year old daughter and did football cheers – including hand motions and jumps – in front of me, Mom & Dad, my sisters, and my nieces.  I just wish I had a camera to capture the moment.  
Princess has been calling and talking to Hubby.  Their on-again/off-again is in the on-again phase right now.  Hubby is thrilled to have his little girl back in his life but I’m holding judgment on this for the time being.  We’ve been down this road before, and I’m not totally convinced that she’s not up to something.  For Hubby’s sake, I pray that I’m wrong.
Hubby has been getting some interesting referrals for his fishing rod repair business.  The work I’ve been doing putting stuff on the website is paying off – slowly but surely.  One caller even said that Hubby was “highly recommended” by one of the pro fishermen we met at the fishing expo last month.  
As part of my new job, I have to make calls to patients to confirm medication orders, arrange for sample pick-up, etc.  A lot of our patients have cell phones instead regular land-line phones.  Something I’ve noticed is that a lot of them have something called ringback tones.  You hear some song instead of the usual ringing sound when you call someone.  Oh. My. Garwsh.  These things are annoying.  And usually it’s a disgusting rap song.  I need to clean my ears out after calling some patients.  Does this mean that I’m an old fogie? 
Speaking of cell phones, I do not understand why patients in the waiting room feel they must share all the details of personal cell phone calls with everyone.  You would not believe the things I’ve overheard being discussed by some of the patients.  Enough to make me blush!

I ran into my high school sweetheart today.  He was “the one” and I was engaged to him before I met Hubby.  We broke up over 25 years ago (gulp!) and the last time I saw him was about 15 years ago when I ran into him in at one of the big department stores here in town.  Today’s encounter caught me totally off guard.  We both live in the same little town, but we never run into each other.  I thought I recognized him, but I wasn’t sure.  Then he said something and I knew for sure it was him.  The beautiful brown hair was cut a lot shorter than I remembered and he was heavier in the face, but I’d recognize that voice and those eyes anywhere.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I kept my composure, smiled my biggest smile and did the small talk thing for a couple of minutes.  The longest couple of minutes of my life . . .
I have to admit that I haven’t had a week this interesting in a very long time . . . 



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Lazy Saturday

Not much going on today. It’s one of those wonderful late summer days where there is no agenda and no timeline.  I had a few errands to run this morning and I’ve been doing the laundry.  Hubby is outside with the neighbor who is going to paint the outside of the house this weekend.  Blacky is pacing through the house becuase of the noise the power washer the neighbor is using to clean the outside of the house before he can paint.  Luci is pacing through the house becuase she is afraid she is going to miss something.  

I had Luci out back earlier playing in the pool to distract her, but she wasn’t having any of that.  She knew there was excitement going on in the front of the house and she HAD to be there to see what was going on.  

When I get done with the laundry and I’ll go out back with my iced tea and my cross stitch.  The humidity is much lower today and it’s actually pretty nice outside under the awning on the deck.  

You just gotta love early August lazy Saturdays . . .


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The Best Week Ever

I can’t remember when I’ve had such a wonderful week.  I started the new job on Tuesday and I love it!!  Because of the 4th of July holiday, it was only a three day work week, I got to wear jeans to work today – the new job doesn’t have Casual Fridays, and we got to leave an hour early.  Whoo hoo.  
The new job is wonderful.  The stress level is non-existant at this point.  Yes, I know I’ve only worked three days but at the Large Insurance Agency, I was stressed practically from Day One.  So far everyone has been very nice and helpful.  My new boss is very patient and understanding that all of this is new to me since I’ve never worked in a medical office before.  They’ve explained all the details of the job and what all my responsibilities are and it’s wwwaayyy less than what I was responsible for at the Large Insurance Agency.  I don’t have to answer the switchboard . . . EVER!  I don’t have to order office supplies, or take care of the housekeeping and maintenance issues, or any of the hundreds of little details that I had to deal with on a daily basis.  I have one boss to deal with, one set of responsibilities, one schedule to maintain.  I don’t have any formal medical training, but with all the years of dealing with MIL’s and Hubby’s health issues, I’ve picked up enough to get by.  The Small Regional Hospital is even willing to send me to a medical terminology class to help me.  I go in at 8 a.m., I leave at 5 p.m., and I get to take an hour for lunch.  Somebody pinch me because this must be a dream! 
It’s also my birthday today . . . which is always a wonderful thing!  Even if it is a semi-milestone year.  It’s the year that’s halfway between 40 and 50.  Hubby took me out for dinner tonight and we’re having the Big Family Birthday Party tomorrow night.  I got my present from Hubby last week because I picked it out myself . . . but he made sure I had something to open this morning before I left for work.  I even got one of those Musical Cards.  Awww, isn’t he a sweet Hubby?! 
The commute has been wonderful.  I started out the week with 3/4 of a tank of gas and I still have a little more than a 1/2 a tank left.  It’s only 2.5 miles one way – so even with coming home for lunch it’s less than 10 miles a day.  When I worked for the Large Insurance Agency it was about 50 miles per day.  So my total miles driven this week totals one day’s mileage at the old job.  Not to mention the fact that my commute has gone from 45 minutes one way to less than 10. 
I get an hour for lunch and can come home for lunch every day.  It’s so neat to actually take an hour for lunch and then to be able to come home and see Hubby’s smiling face and get puppy kisses from Blacky and Luci . . . wow.  Yes, I even get to play fetch with them.  No, Beth, I didn’t watch Y&R this week . . . I would only get to watch 15 minutes of it before I have to head back to work.  I still watch it at 7 p.m. on SoapNet.  At the old job, I had an hour for lunch but I was often too busy to take more than a half hour and even that was spent eating at my desk.
The absolute best part, though, is coming home at night and not worrying about what didn’t get done during the day.  Yes, I know that this is all probably just the New Job Glow and it might not last.  But right now, I’m loving every minute of it. 
I knew that I was unhappy before, but I never realized just how unhappy I was until this week. 

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More Details – Part Two

Okay, here’s the rest of the list . . .
7.   Sometimes famous people are the biggest jerks you’ll ever meet – The headliner for Saturday’s concert arrived sometime during the night/early morning hours . . . after the big rainstorm.  The tour bus promptly got stuck in the mud.  A Big Tow Truck was already at the lake to pull out another truck that had gotten stuck in the mud and the Tour Manager asked the Tow Truck Driver to pull him out.  Only problem was, the Famous Guy didn’t want to pay the fee for the Big Tow Truck to do the work.  Because it was for Famous Guy, Tow Truck Driver reduced his price . . . and the Famous Guy STILL didn’t want to pay the price.  So Tow Truck Driver did it for free, since he was there for another customer anyway.  Funny part was, the Bus Driver got the bus stuck a second time and the Tow Truck Driver laughed when they asked for a second freebie. 
8.   I always get chills whenever I see a Marine or a Sailor in full dress uniform.  As part of the entertainment on Saturday night, one of the acts did a tribute to servicemen and women.  There were a bunch of Sailors and Marines in full dress uniform at the concert.  It gave me chills to see them walking down the midway.  I was amazed at how the Sailors managed to keep their dress white uniforms clean. 
9.   Always wear sunscreen.  And a hat.  I didn’t and I paid the price.  Arms, nose, neck legs (I wore shorts) all got sunburned.  And the hat . . . it would have helped me from getting a sunburn on my scalp.  Yea, it’s as painful as it sounds. 
10.  It must be an unwritten law somewhere that every Southern Rock Band in American has to play “Sweet Home Alabama”.  This is a law that must be repealed . . . immediately.  In between the Big Name Acts, the Local Acts performed.  Some of them were very good.  Some of them were not.  One guy was so bad that he never finished a song.  Then there were the “Sweet Home Alabama” versions.  By every single band.  And they were all bad.  That is one of my all time favorite songs and I was so excited when I heard the opening notes . . . only to be very disappointed when they started singing.  By the end of the day Saturday it was just painful to listen to.   
11. Speaking of laws . . . it should be against the law to wear spandex shorts and belly shirts after the age of 30,  sundresses and cowboy boots at any age, or to have your bra straps showing on purpose.  I did a lot of people watching – it was fun.  But I saw some seriously distressing fashion trends.  Spandex and belly shirts on ladies that were more than a tad overweight and on the “other” side of 40.  I saw more bra straps than I care to mention.  Is it the fashion trend to wear a racer back tank top and a regular bra?  Aren’t you supposed to hide your bra strap or is that a hang over from the repressed 1900’s?  But the funniest thing I saw were the young girls in their sundresses and cowboy boots.  I just don’t get it . . . and I admit that I laughed out loud the first time I saw it.  But then these girls were everywhere so I’m guessing this is normal?  Maybe I need to get out more. 
12.  I have a lot to learn about professional fishing.  Up until this weekend, I never realized that you could make a career of being a fisherman.  There were a half dozen of the pros at this event doing demonstrations and people were begging to go out fishing with them.  They make a living fishing.  What a concept.   
13.  I love seeing Hubby’s eyes light up whenever he talks to someone about fixing fishing rods.  We took his equipment with us so he could work on the fishing rods during the expo.  We had people hanging out in the booth just to watch.  Hubby was really in his element explaining what he did and the techniques he used to fix the fishing pole.  And the people he talked to were just as excited to talk to him as he was to talk to them.  I sat in the corner and watched.  It was exciting to watch Hubby share his love of fishing with so many people . . . and to hear the feedback that he got from the visitors to our booth.  I have a feeling he’s really found his niche . .
It was such an overall good experience for us – and the business – that we’re looking at other expos to attend.  The Little Business might not be so little for very long! 

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