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November 22

Today, my older sister and I helped Mom clean the turkey and get it ready for dinner tomorrow.

For the first time in over 60 years, Mom is not doing the majority of the cooking.  She’s finally admitted that it’s too much for her.  She’s been hinting at it for a couple of years now but with the broken arm this year she finally had to call “uncle” and ask us girls to help.  Which we happily did . . . and it’s a delicate balance to let her still feel in charge without having to do all the work!

Older Sister and I learned how she pulls off the magic of the turkey . . . she’s been doing this the same way for over 60 years . . . I just hope that we do her proud . . .



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November 11

Last night there was excitement here on my street. Some sort of stand-off with the police. Nothing serious but interesting to watch. Dogs were not happy with police officers out front or in the alley. 

Tonight is the complete opposite. I’m watching Law & Order SVU and listening to them snore. 

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November 7

Tuesday means a visit to The Homestead. Visit with Mom and the siblings with dessert. There’s always dessert.

Tuesday’s are always better than Monday.

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November 5

Love is . . . braving a torrential downpour to get your dogs from the kennel because they hate thunderstorms and you can’t bear the thought of them being away from you and being afraid.  
Even though you hate driving in torrential downpours and talked to them the entire drive home because you didn’t want them to think you were as afraid as they were.

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November 2

Things I think of while walking the dogs . . .

What in the world do I feed them that makes their poop stink so bad?

What is it about Millie’s personality that she has to be “first” to everything?

How awesome that Rocky is cool enough to let Millie always be the lead dog.

I think it’s hilarious that they remember the one time they found a cat under a big pine tree and have to sniff every time we pass the tree, they know when we get close to the house on the corner that has the dog that always barks at them, and which house their human friends with hugs and treats live at but they aren’t bothered at all to pass the house were the dog that attacked Rocky lived.

When the dogs sniff a spot and then have to pee on that spot, I wonder if that’s a dog version of Facebook.  BTW . . . Millie ALWAYS has to get the last “word” in . . .

I learn something interesting from them every day.

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November 1

My annual attempt to write a blog page every day . . .


First story of the month . . . taking Mom to a doctor’s appointment and her first ever experience with a GPS system . . .

Mom fell on Saturday . . . thankfully she wasn’t seriously hurt . . . bumps, bruises, black eyes, broken nose, fracture in a small bone in her hand . . . it could have been much worse and we are thankful . . . I told her that her guardian angel (my Dad) took really good care of her.

We went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday to have him look at her hand.  I was unfamiliar with the area so I put the address in the GPS and off we went.  Mom always said her GPS system was my Dad (Mom is directionally challenged and Dad was an expert navigator even when his eyesight failed him).  She was fascinated when “that lady” would interupt our conversation to tell me where to turn.  She was amazed that we arrived at the doctors office at exactly the time the GPS said we would.

We got good news that she doesn’t need surgery to fix her hand – she has to wear a brace for a while – and I got to spend some quality time with her even if it was a slightly stressful trip.

Today . . . life is good!


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I Woke Up Looking Like This

The usual weekend routine is get up, feed the dogs, drink a cup of coffee . . . after I’m up for an hour or so, I throw on some clothes and walk the dogs . . . no make-up, don’t even comb my hair most of the time . . . no wonder I get funny looks when I run into people . . . but we’re normally out between 8 and 9 in the morning so we don’t see too many people.

Today was a little different in that we didn’t leave the house until after 10.  What can I say . . . I was moving slow this morning . . . no biggie . . . a few people out but nothing out of the ordinary . . . until we cross the school playground and I noticed a car that did a u-turn to come toward us . . . and then I realized it was my ex-husband and his new wife.  The dogs were excited to see him . . . and I was happy for that . . . and then I realized that I’m wearing an old and horribly wrinkled t-shirt, have on no make-up and I didn’t comb my hair before I left the house . . .

A little background . . . ex-hubby lives less than 5 miles from me but he is rarely in my neighborhood and I’m rarely in his . . . he was in the neighborhood at a yard sale and just happened to be driving by as I was out with the dogs . . . he didn’t recognize me but he did recognize the dogs . . .

I can only imagine the conversation that took place in that car as they drove away . . .


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