I’m In Control Here . . .

I work at the local public library . . . I’m an Account Clerk in the Business Office.  I process all the accounts receivables and book invoices.  It’s a lovely job and I enjoy it immensely.

Especially the people watching opportunities . . . sometimes it’s the patrons that amuse me . . . most of the time, though, it’s my co-workers . . . especially the “power struggle” that always happens whenever the Library Director and the Fiscal Officer are out of the building at the same time . . . because there are certain supervisors who like to think they are “in charge” during their absence and the shenanigans are hilarious . . . .

We call it them the Alexander Haigs of the Library . . . you know how Alexander Haig tried to assure everyone that he was in charge when Reagan was in the hospital following the assassination attempt?  Yea, that’s pretty much what happens every time the Director and Fiscal Officer are out of the office at the same time . . .

I told you that story to tell you this story . . . the Director and the Fiscal Officer will be attending a conference in Nashville next week . . . and before he left, the Director warned me and my business office cohort to be aware of the upcoming shenanigans and to keep him posted if the shenanigans got out of hand.  I’ve been in the Business Office for a year and a half and have seen the shenanigans first hand and know what to expect.  It’s annoyingly hilarious and oh so much fun to watch the Haigs try to out-Haig each other.  My poor cohort has only been in the business office for about six months and has no idea what to expect . . . and thought that the Director and I were kidding her about what was going to happen . . . until she saw the first bit of shenanigans today . . .

Haig #1 sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong and trying to figure out why my cohort handled a situation the way she did . . . and realizing that his input wasn’t needed or helpful . . .

Haig #2 casually “stopping by” the Business Office at 5:01 pm (“oh is it that late already?”) to discuss a purchasing question with my cohort . . . “oh we can talk about it on Monday!”  when we both knew that she was making sure we hadn’t left early . . .

It’s going to be a long week . . . funny as heck . . . but annoying . . . and really long . . .

Please pray for me . . . and my cohort . . .



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  1. Val Goff

    Oh I am loving this post, Pam, having worked in offices and banks for 34 years – I know exactly what you are talking about……will be awaiting your next post.

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