Another first for me. Buying a lawn mower!

First of the season lawn care stuff . . . the yard looks like poop and the grass needs cut . . . I really should get the mower serviced . . .  I’ll mow the yard one quick time before I send the mower out for a tune-up . . .

Starts up on the first pull . . . yay me!!  Take off to cut the back yard . . . holy crap I can’t believe it’s time to do this again . . . all goes well until (you knew there was an “until” didn’t you) . . . the mower decides to be stupid after about six passes . . . self-propelled thing isn’t working . . . curse, swear, filth fowl . . . heck, I’m too old and too tire to push this mower without the self-propelled thing . . . curse, swear, filth, fowl . . . I didn’t want to mow the dang yard anyway . . . put the thing away and go have a beer . . . Prince Charming would be so proud . . .

Next day . . . call the mower guy and arrange to have them come get the mower.

Few days after that . . . mower guy calls me with sad news . . . the little mower that Prince Charming got from his dad is broken beyond repair . . . time to buy a new mower . . . holy shit . . . I’ve never bought a mower IN MY LIFE . . how the “bleep” am I supposed to know how to do this?  Nobody ever taught me about buying a mower!  This is not how this is supposed to be . . . I am not the one that’s supposed to be buying a mower.  Curse, swear, filth, and fowl . . . (and yes I said this to Prince Charming . . . out loud) I really hate your ass right now . . . I know you’re not really happy with the whole “being dead” thing but dang dude . . .

So what’s a girl to do . . . she asks her little brother for help . . . and he finds me a mower!!

I do some research of my own.  I read reviews.  I read owners manuals.  I research the option of having it delivered and assembled.  I ask little brother a gazillion questions and he patiently answers EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. like I’m one of the guys and not his stupid sister that has no idea what she’s doing . . . bless his heart . . .

Now I just need to make sure I can fit the mower in the car . . . and have the patience and skills to assemble a mower . . .

There’s no stopping me now!

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