You Know You’re Old

When you hurt yourself sitting on a chair at work . . .

To quote my Lovely Kindergarten Teacher Niece . . . I was not “sitting safely” and the dire thing she predicts to her Kinders when they don’t sit safely . . . happened to her auntie . . .

I pulled a tendon in my leg . . . and it hurts like heck . . .

After two weeks of babying it . . . and imagining every worst case scenario possible . . . I broke down and went to see the Family Doc . . .

Who promptly laughed at all my “worst case scenario” fears . . . and diagnosed a pulled tendon . . . and prescribed 2 Advil twice a day for a week, moist heat, stretching exercises, and no strenuous exercise . . . which means no walking the dogs . . .

The best part . . . the “take 2 Advil twice a day” came with the words “with food”!  Hot diggity . . .


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2 responses to “You Know You’re Old

  1. Dori Goff

    Pam, sorry to hear about your ouchie – the dogs are going to be upset! Just what happened??????

  2. bigdogmompam

    The dogs are already upset because we haven’t walked for a couple of weeks due to snow and bitterly cold temperatures. Hopefully it’ll be cold again this weekend and I can pull off the “no walking” thing again. As for what I did . . . I have no idea . . . I was doing some data entry at work and sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the printer to stop . . . when I got up I had a twinge in my left leg like my leg was asleep . . . no biggie but it didn’t go away . . . Family Doc said it should be okay in a week or so but to come back to see him if it’s not.

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