I got some news today that shattered my heart . . . one of “my boys” from Local Catholic School passed away suddenly today . . . he collapsed while out jogging this afternoon and there wasn’t anything that could be done to save him . . .

He was only 20 years old . . . he played football for the Local College here in town . . . he was such a wonderful kid . . . his smile lit up the room . . . he was always quick to volunteer for any task and did it with joy . . .

I am at a total loss for words . . . and a familiar ache has crept back into my chest . . .

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One response to “Heartbroken

  1. I feel so badly for you, Pam. I can relate also because my husband’s son-in-law collasped and died while jogging also. He was 42 and in the best of health. Married with three sons – it was unbelievable. They determined he had some sort of heart infection a month earlier and it finally took his life. Take some comfort in knowing this young man fell right into the arms of Jesus.

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