Negative Nelly

I have a co-worker at my new job that is not a nice person.  She’s always negative.  She’s always right . . . and does not hesitate to tell you that fact . . . even when you KNOW she’s made a mistake or is not distributing correct information.  She’s done everything.  She knows everything.  She knows the absolute perfect answer to solve whatever problem she thinks you have in your life.

She’s young.  She’s impressionable.  She’s idealistic.  She’s a pain in the ass.

I’m thankful she’s not my boss . . . just a fellow co-worker in my department.

I told you that story to tell you this story . . .

Yesterday I took Hal (my car.  yes, I named my car) to the dealership where little brother works for an oil change.  I figured it would be a simple process since I wasn’t having any problems and Hal had just spent a month at the shop for a catalytic converter problem.  Sadly, the simple oil change turned into a valve cover replacement job.  Something Little Brother discovered while he was doing a double check with the service technician during the oil change process.  Luckily that particular problem was covered by the extended warranty coverage I got by buying a genuine GM pre-owned vehicle.  At one point during the afternoon, Little Brother determined that the work wouldn’t be done by the time I got off work and arranged for a loaner car to be delivered to me to use until Hal was ready.  A 2019 Cadillac.  Yes, he works for a Cadillac dealership.  I am a very blessed girl.

This morning, the ladies in the office asked about if the repair work on Hal was complete and I said that it was and that Hal didn’t have to stay at the dealership overnight.  Negative Nelly spoke up and said that my brother should have taken better care of me.  I looked her squarely in the eye and said . . . “My brother arranged for a driver to bring me to work after I dropped off the car.  He discovered the problem before I even knew there WAS a problem AND figured out a way for the GM extended warranty to pay for the repair work.  He arranged for me to have the use of a 2019 Cadillac AND had it DELIVERED TO ME HERE AT WORK.  How exactly do YOU think he failed me?” Still looking her squarely in the eyes . . .

She looked down at her desk and said “It’s nice to know he’s got your back.”

“Damn right.  He’s ALWAYS got my back.”

My boss fist bumped me and Nelly didn’t say much to me the rest of the day . . .

It was a glorious day . . .

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