Every. Stinking. Year.

I’ve known my ex-hubby since 1982 . . .

We dated for 2 years . . .

Were married for 26 years . . .

We’ve been divorced for 8 . . .

and every year since we’ve been divorced he asks me for my parent’s address . . .

so he can send a Christmas card . . .

Mom sends him (and his new wife!) birthday cards every year . . . and Christmas cards!!  (She knows that my marriage was awful but she still thinks of him as “family” because he’s been around for so many years.  It speaks more of her character than it does of his. And that’s a story for another day.)

And because it’s easier to tell him the address than to get into why he should know it by now . . . and because I know Mom would be hurt if she didn’t get a card from him . . .  I give him the address . . .

But yet I always ask myself “how can he NOT know her address?!”




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2 responses to “Every. Stinking. Year.

  1. Pam, is there a chance he does it cause he wants you to know he’s sending your mom a card????

    • bigdogmompam

      LOL . . . probably . . . but Mom tells me when she’s gotten a card from him. I think it’s hilarious that he didn’t want to be a part of my family when he WAS a part of the family . . . but now that he’s NOT part of the family he’s trying so hard to schmooze my Mom.

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