Why Didn’t I Think of That

Every year I struggle with sending out Christmas cards.  Only the part where I have to seal the envelopes.

I watched the episode of Seinfeld.  I’m not licking another envelope again.  Ever.

So I used sponge thing to seal the envelopes.  I used a paper towel dipped in a bowl of water.  It’s messy and gets the cards wet . . . no  matter how careful I am.

Then I discovered a trick that the ladies at the office use when they mail information out the Board of Directors.  They use a glue stick.

Oh.  My.  Gawrsh.  Where has this wonderful idea been all my life?!  Why didn’t I think of this??

So . . . I bought glue sticks at the dollar store.  And tonight I used them to seal the envelopes of my Christmas cards.  It.  Worked.  Like.  A.  Dream.

No muss.  No fuss.  No clean up . . .

Life is good.


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