November 24

I was always a good kid.  Typical middle child.  Fly under the radar, stay out of trouble, hope nobody noticed me . . . there were six of us kids and it was pretty easy to blend into the background . . .

Until I turned 16 . . . and I did the Stupid Teenage Rebellion thing . . . and thought I knew everything . . . and my parents didn’t understand anything . . . that’s when my relationship with my Mom became strained . . .

Then I met XH and “settled down” and became a “responsible adult” and things were better . . . until XH and I started having trouble . . . and then we got divorced . . . which was a MAJOR No-No in my Devout Catholic Family . . . and then Prince Charming seemingly appeared out of nowhere . . . and my Mom was thinking “WTF” was going on with me.

Then things evened out again when Mom saw what a positive influence Prince Charming was on me . . . and then when Prince Charming died and she saw her “rebellious girl” turn into a “strong resilient woman” . . .

Then Dad died and I was the only one who truly understood what she was going through on a daily basis . . . and we became buddies . . . crazy broke widow women out on adventures . . . after Mass on Saturday night, we would go to dinner, then out shopping at the Dollar Tree or Five Below or just hanging out.  It has become the highlight of my week.

Today was Adventure Night . . . after Mass, we had quick dinner at Arby’s and then started our new tradition of Mom’s Christmas Shopping Adventure . . . Kohl’s was having a Black Friday sale . . . and Mom had people to buy for . . . so we decided to check out the sale and see how many people we could check off her list . . . we managed to check off three people . . . and saved Mom a boat load of money . . . and we had a wonderful time doing it . . .

If someone had told me twenty or thirty years ago that my relationship with Mom would evolve to this . . . I would have told them they were crazy . . . now I like to think that this is the reward for not us not giving up on each other all those years ago . . .



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  1. This is one of my favs of all your posts – so honest – love it and thanks for sharing, Pam.

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