November 15

We got snow . . .

Started out as a “winter weather advisory” when I went to bed last night.  Was an “ice storm warning” when I got up for work this morning.  Car was caked in ice.  I walked through the yard so I wouldn’t slip on the sidewalk.  Poor dogs didn’t want to go out to potty this morning because even the covered part of the deck was slick because of the ice.

Just about every school in three counties closed because of the weather.  The rain/ice stopped about lunch time and it started to snow.  We have about an inch of snow on top of the lovely layer of ice . . .

And, for the first time in three years, I didn’t get to enjoy the snow day . . .

Gosh I miss working at a school . . .

But it was FREE BOOK DAY so I guess I can’t really complain . . .



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2 responses to “November 15

  1. I hear what you are saying about snow days, Pam. I worked for NEA for 28 years and we got the snow days off, along with long winter breaks, etc plus 4 weeks of vacation a year -it was wonderful. BUT since you have the perfect job now, you have to give that up, but please be careful out there on that ice. I remember the winters in KS and the ice storms were the worst!

    • bigdogmompam

      I bought a pair of those ice walker things for myself after I broke my arm and I’ve used them a half dozen times . . . and today was one of those days. Yes, I do have the perfect job – surrounded by books and people who LOVE books as much as I do – so I guess I can’t complain about missing snow days. But I sure am jealous when my nieces who are teachers send me selfies of their happy faces in their jammies celebrating sleeping in for a snow day!!

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