November 8

It’s a little chilly here today so I opted for comfort food – MEATLOAF for dinner.

Thank heavens for the little butcher shop in my hometown that has their own home made meatloaf . . . in little loaf pans . . . so I don’t have to make a huge meatloaf and eat it FOREVER

And tonight is “Clean Out The Fridge Night” because tomorrow is “Trash Day”  .  .  . and now the fridge is empty because of the “if I can’t remember when I cooked it, throw it out” rule . . .

Who said single life was boring . . .




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One response to “November 8

  1. Meat loaf sounds so darn good – I made spaghetti with Italian meatballs that I
    bought pre-made – so darn good. Last night crock pot roast and vegetables. Does everything taste better when the weather cools or what??

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