November 1

My annual attempt to write a blog page every day . . .


First story of the month . . . taking Mom to a doctor’s appointment and her first ever experience with a GPS system . . .

Mom fell on Saturday . . . thankfully she wasn’t seriously hurt . . . bumps, bruises, black eyes, broken nose, fracture in a small bone in her hand . . . it could have been much worse and we are thankful . . . I told her that her guardian angel (my Dad) took really good care of her.

We went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday to have him look at her hand.  I was unfamiliar with the area so I put the address in the GPS and off we went.  Mom always said her GPS system was my Dad (Mom is directionally challenged and Dad was an expert navigator even when his eyesight failed him).  She was fascinated when “that lady” would interupt our conversation to tell me where to turn.  She was amazed that we arrived at the doctors office at exactly the time the GPS said we would.

We got good news that she doesn’t need surgery to fix her hand – she has to wear a brace for a while – and I got to spend some quality time with her even if it was a slightly stressful trip.

Today . . . life is good!



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One response to “November 1

  1. Chel

    I remember hearing a GPS for the first time while traveling with my friend Kelly. We were on our way to a Clay Aiken concert. Kelly had named her GPS – Valerie. Valerie’s directions were not always followed, and she would often seem to sound a bit grumpy. Alas, we did arrive at the concert using some of her directions, yet, she was not invited in. I am so glad that you Mom does not have to have surgery! Happy First Blog! Hugs, Chel.

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