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November 26

I had some work done to The Little House over the last month or so.  Nothing terribly serious . . . just a repair to a drain pipe and replacing the basement shower.

Just enough to trigger my homeowner anxiety . . . am I doing the right thing?  Oh shit, how expensive is this going to be?  Is this ever going to get finished?  Will it be what I wanted?

Everything turned out fine . . . project wasn’t horribly over budget but a rainy streak did put a bit of a damper on getting the outside stuff done quickly.  Shower is done and working fine . . . except I needed a light for the shower.

Did some research.  Did some shopping.  Found a workable alternative to installing a light in the shower.  I bought a “project light” to put on the floor outside of the shower to shine light into the shower.  Works just fine.  Light was on sale at the Big Box Hardware Store.  Pretty pleased with the solution if I do say so myself.

Brought the light home and took it out of the box.  There’s a space on the instruction/warranty booklet for the purchase date and the serial number.  And it suggested stapling the receipt to the booklet for easy reference.  I did not hesitate to do those items.  Because it’s what my Dad did every time he bought an appliance, a tool, or just about anything.  There’s a drawer in my parent’s house with all sorts of booklets – some of them for things they no longer own.  Dad’s advice was “You never know when you might need that” and so I also have a “information” drawer with all sorts of instruction/warranty booklets . . .

Yes, I heard Dad’s voice tell me “you better fill that out, Pamela” . . . when I saw the booklet in the bottom of the box . . . and I couldn’t rest until I had it safely in the drawer.

Yes, Dad . . . I did listen . . .


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November 22

Today, my older sister and I helped Mom clean the turkey and get it ready for dinner tomorrow.

For the first time in over 60 years, Mom is not doing the majority of the cooking.  She’s finally admitted that it’s too much for her.  She’s been hinting at it for a couple of years now but with the broken arm this year she finally had to call “uncle” and ask us girls to help.  Which we happily did . . . and it’s a delicate balance to let her still feel in charge without having to do all the work!

Older Sister and I learned how she pulls off the magic of the turkey . . . she’s been doing this the same way for over 60 years . . . I just hope that we do her proud . . .


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November 16

I work at a high school . . . in the front office . . . I have a lot of exposure to the kids.

I’m always hearing stories about how busy their lives are . . . homework . . . sports . . . part time jobs . . .

I’m always worried that the fast paced lives they lead at such young ages will bite them in the butt someday . . . and I tell them that frequently . . . and they don’t listen . . . they think I’m a silly old lady that “doesn’t understand” what it’s like to be young . . .

My ex-father-in-law used to say “if you can’t hear, you can feel” and I say this often to the kids . . . they don’t really understand what it means . . .

Today changed that for a few of them . . .

Today was the fall blood drive at the school.  Several kids signed up to donate blood.  Several of them had complications after they donated blood.  The front office was filled with a parade of kids who needed to lay down or go home because they felt awful after their blood donation.

The school nurse and I were sympathetic and understanding . . . and tried to explain to the kids that they needed to take better care of themselves.  Eat better.  Get more sleep.  Drink something other than coffee or soda or energy drinks.  They looked at us like we were crazy . . . “but I have to . . . ” and gave us some long complicated story about how they couldn’t follow our advice.  We told them that the “but I have to . . . ” is the reason why they feel like crap and if they don’t mind feeling like crap then keep doing what they’re doing . . . if they don’t want to feel like crap they should try our advice.  After all the only thing they’re going to “lose” is feeling like crap all the time.

None of them paid any attention to us . . .

If they can’t hear . . . they can feel . . . and eventually they’ll learn that lesson

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November 13

Seems like “senioritis” has hit the kids at the school where I work extremely early this year.

The seniors are hanging in the office during their last period study hall and annoying  me and the school secretary . . .

Is it strange that the staff are counting the days until Christmas break as much as the students are?



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November 11

Last night there was excitement here on my street. Some sort of stand-off with the police. Nothing serious but interesting to watch. Dogs were not happy with police officers out front or in the alley. 

Tonight is the complete opposite. I’m watching Law & Order SVU and listening to them snore. 

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November 9 

Random thoughts 

Tomorrow is the USMC birthday. Makes me miss Dad more than normal – if that’s possible 

Wal-Mart after dark is always interesting. 
Blue Bloods is my new binge watching show. 

I wonder if it’s appropriate to have an Elf on the Shelf in a Catholic school. I’m thinking of putting one in my office. 

I’ve been thinking Rocky hasn’t started showing his age – and today I noticed he’s limping a little when he walks. Then I remembered his 9th birthday is next week. 

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November 8

It’s a little chilly here today so I opted for comfort food – MEATLOAF for dinner.

Thank heavens for the little butcher shop in my hometown that has their own home made meatloaf . . . in little loaf pans . . . so I don’t have to make a huge meatloaf and eat it FOREVER

And tonight is “Clean Out The Fridge Night” because tomorrow is “Trash Day”  .  .  . and now the fridge is empty because of the “if I can’t remember when I cooked it, throw it out” rule . . .

Who said single life was boring . . .



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November 7

Tuesday means a visit to The Homestead. Visit with Mom and the siblings with dessert. There’s always dessert.

Tuesday’s are always better than Monday.

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November 6

Today is Monday . . . I hate Mondays . . .

Especially the Monday after the Fall Time Change . . . the kids at school seem to have more energy and are a little more irritating . . .

It gets dark early . . . the security lights on the garage came on tonight at 5:30 . . . it’s dark enough for security lights at 5:30 pm . . . makes for a very long night . . .

I went to dinner like I always do on Monday night.  Tonight’s dinner choice was a restaurant that is offering me free bagels every day this month.  I feel guilty if I go in just for the free bagel so I bought dinner there tonight.  The soup and salad combo I usually get is very yummy . . . and since it’s on the chilly side here the warm soup was comforting.

All in all, it was an irritating Monday but not a Bad Monday . . .

Then the server behind the counter called the name for the next customer to pick up their order.  The name they called out was the same name as Prince Charming’s name.  My heart skipped a beat and I did a double take to see who would answer to that name.  The guy didn’t look anything like Prince Charming . . . but I did give him a warm smile because he caught me staring at him.

Big Sigh . . . back to my yummy soup and sandwich . . .

I must be making progress because instead of focusing on unexpectedly hearing Prince Charming’s name tugging on my heart strings, I’m excited about the 99 cent cookie and the free bagel

Any Monday with a free bagel can’t be all bad . . .


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November 5

Love is . . . braving a torrential downpour to get your dogs from the kennel because they hate thunderstorms and you can’t bear the thought of them being away from you and being afraid.  
Even though you hate driving in torrential downpours and talked to them the entire drive home because you didn’t want them to think you were as afraid as they were.

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