National Sandwich Day

Today is National Sandwich Day.  A totally made up holiday that has a lot of sandwich places offering great deals on their sandwiches today.

Penn Station (a regional sub chain) is offering buy one get one free subs today in honor of this glorious holiday.  I love Penn Station!  I really love FREE Penn Station so I planned to go to Penn Station for dinner tonight and have the free sandwich as dinner tomorrow night.  Yummy!

My plan, however, had a flaw.  Penn Station is a popular place . . . and a lot of people couldn’t resist the “buy one get one” promotion.  My Penn Station location was out of bread at 6 p.m.  They were getting a shipment from Cincinnati if I wanted to wait an hour.  Uh, no thank you . . . even though it is tempting . . . so they took my name and phone number and will mail me a voucher for a free “buy one get one” deal for a later date.

No worries . . . I’ll go to Chipotle.  Which is the same thought a lot of people here in Smalltown had . . . the line was OUT THE DOOR . . . worse than the $3 burrito deal for Halloween on Monday.

No worries . . . I’ll go to Roosters . . . a regional chicken place (think Buffalo Wild Wings on a smaller scale) . . . and yes they were packed too.

WTF . . . it’s THURSDAY . . . why is EVERYTHING packed??  Probably because it’s the popular restaurant strip!!  Okay, I’ll go to the less popular side of town!!

Mike & Rosey’s (local deli) was packed.  Subway was packed.  Even McD’s was packed.  Seriously . . . every single place I went to was packed??!!

By the time I got to McD’s I was too hungry to care about crowds.  So a Big Mac and fries it was . . .

So much for National Sandwich Day . . . and I still have to figure out what I’m having for dinner tomorrow night!



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  1. You are most patient and persistent than me, Pam- I would have just come home and made a grilled cheese sandwich probably. I am really enjoying your daily blogs – keep it up girl!

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