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Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

I really do have good intentions when I do the Post A Day thing.  But life happens.

Going on vacation in October is not a good thing when you work at a school.  Especially when your co-worker goes on a two week vacation after you get back.  It took me until just before Thanksgiving week to get caught up on stuff.  Only to be behind again because of Thanksgiving break.

I’m tired of the election stuff.

I’m excited about the 0-16 Parade that is supposed to happen in Cleveland if the Browns really do go all season without a win.

I’m excited about Christmas . . . shopping, decorating, watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (even though I’m going to cry through the whole thing).

I’m planning my 2017 vacation . . . I’m going to Florida . . . again.  I thought about going to Myrtle Beach but the hotel where Prince Charming and I stayed got bought out last year and the parent company isn’t offering the same deals as before.  The discount is better but only for certain dates.  Ugh.

I guess I have no motivation to write . . . I’m too busy doing life.


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Election Burn Out

I’m tired of hearing about how the world is going to end because Hillary didn’t get her way and Trump will be the next President.

I’m tired of scrolling through my social media feeds and biting my tongue when I want to scream at the silliness and hatefulness that I’m seeing people I thought were respectable and reasonable human beings post as truth and facts.

I’ve voted for candidates that lost before.  I understand the confusion and the disappointment.  I don’t understand what’s going on here.

College classes being cancelled.  Children walking out of their high school classrooms because they want to “protest” the election results.  College professors ordering pizza and postponing exams because students “can’t deal” with this kind of disappointment.  People who voted for Hillary are rioting and destroying the towns they live in . . . towns that supported Hillary . . . they’re destroying their own towns, they’re protesting against fellow Hillary supporters.

Is it just me or is it pretty ironic that the people protesting are doing exactly the things that they were afraid the Trump supporters were going to do if Hillary won?  Is it bad form to point that out to people?

Instead of dealing with all of that right now, I’m watching “The Crown” on Netflix and working on my cross stitch.

The “post a day” posts will continue . . . . and they will have nothing to do with any of this.  I’m done with this election stuff this year.  This is too crazy to be believed.

Love and hugs.


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January 20, 2017

Is the third anniversary of the day Prince Charming left this Earth.

I’m doing better than I was a year ago looking at the second anniversary . . . certainly better than I was two years ago looking at the first anniversary.

This year the date has another meaning . . .

It’s the day Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States.

At some point I knew that this would happen . . . that the country will be celebrating a new beginning while I’m remembering the ending of something beautiful.

Now that the election is over, everyone is talking about Inauguration Day.

I’m not sure I’m ready to hear the date said aloud or ready to read the date in print.

I know that I’ve got this . . . but dang I’m not ready for this . . .

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Well That Was Unexpected

I got an email today from the USAF Marathon asking to publish my submission for the “Why I Run”  contest they held prior to the USAF Marathon in September.

The submission was written back in July and I had forgotten all about it.

My article was about how I started running the 5ks to help Prince Charming train for the USAF half marathon he planned to run . .  and how I now run 5ks to honor his memory.

They said my story is beautiful, even if sad, and inspiring.

Well what do you know . . . someone noticed my writing . . .


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Fall Back

I love fall.  I love the cooler temperatures.  I love watching the leaves change color.  I love Halloween.  I love Thanksgiving.

I don’t like the time change.  I don’t like that it’s dark when I go to work and when I get off work at night (okay, not now that I work at a school but every other job I ever had it was dark when I went home).  I don’t like that the dogs can’t comprehend the concept and their schedules (and mine) are off until they adjust.

The part about it getting dark earlier is what makes being alone so hard.  During the spring and the summer, I’m outside doing things a lot later and I don’t notice it as much.  During the fall and the winter, I’m inside earlier and it seems like the evenings drag on forever.  Yes, I have more time to work on my stitching or catching up on my reading or the TV shows I like . . . but it’s times like that when Prince Charming’s absence is (for lack of a better word) painful . . . We snuggled on the couch and watched TV.  He asked me questions about the cross stitch project I was working on.  We cooked dinner together and did the dishes together . . . now all stuff I do by myself now . . .

How many days until spring?




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I forgot to post something last night.

I almost forgot to post something tonight.

It’s been a long week.  Stressful and painful.  Nothing serious . .

Tonight was “therapy night” and my favorite night of the week.  Dinner with Mom after 4:30 pm Mass . . . dinner at Fazoli’s . . . shopping at our favorite Dollar Tree store.

Today . . . life is good . . .


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Drama, Drama, Drama

The most interesting part of working in the front office of a high school is seeing the drama that unfolds on a (almost) daily basis with the high school students.

The hardest part of working in the front office of a high school is not laughing at the drama that unfolds on a (almost) daily basis with the high school students.


This was supposed to post yesterday!  I’m still working out the kinks in the “schedule a post” thing.




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