Red Kitchen Aid Mixer

For many many years I’ve wanted a red Kitchen Aid mixer.

You know, the cool stand mixer that does everything and looks so fabulous on your counter.  Yea, that one.  I’ve wanted one for longer than I can remember.

But there are a couple of problems with that desire . . .

I don’t bake or cook enough to justify spending $400 on a mixer.

The kitchen in The Little House is, well, little . . . and I don’t have enough space on the counter to house a large Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

But I still want one . . . and my Mom knows about it my love of a red Kitchen Aid Mixer and laughs at my continuous debate on whether I should buy one.

So this year when I told Mom I needed a new hand mixer (because the one I got as a wedding present over 30 years ago is about to stop working), she surprised me with . . .

2015-12-25 13.42.02

My very own red Kitchen Aid mixer!!

(Just when I thought neither one of us had any Christmas spirit this year, she surprised me with this and I’ve been laughing about it since Christmas Day.  I told her it was the best Christmas present I’ve gotten in a long time.)







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