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Which Way To The Beach?

After hearing about the problems that Flint, Michigan is having with the lead content in their water, I’m wondering if someone is “saving the day” and running a make-shift dialysis clinic the way Prince Charming did when Charleston had their water problems.

Driving the Dog Mobile

Gnomie is back from his big adventure. 

He got to make a trip with Prince Charming for work.

They were off to help out with an emergency . . . Prince Charming was sent to help save the day . . .

Gnomie got to supervise . . .


Poor Gnomie thought that “working with water” meant a trip to the beach . . .

I have a feeling that Gnomie is going to think twice before accepting an offer of a “road trip” from Prince Charming!

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A Reason

The two year anniversary of Prince Charming’s death is just days away. It’s dreary here in Smalltown, Ohio, this week . . . a reflection of my heart and my mind these days.

I try not to go there . . . but my mind is back at the beginning again. Why? Why him? Why now? After being apart for over thirty years, we were back together and we were happy . . . happier than we ever dreamed of being. Things were looking up for him with his job . . . he was working on a promotion. After many years of estrangement from his children, he had finally patched things up with them and they were getting to know each other all over again. He was so happy to be a grandpa to two little boys . . . and excited for a third little boy to arrive in a few months. He was finally able to say he had a happy life. And then in the blink of an eye he was gone.

I’ve struggled with “why” from Day One. It’s like I’m a dog chasing my tail. I can’t find any answers and I can’t stop trying to find them . . .

And then I saw the article about the young couple in Tennessee and the horrible car accident they were in on January 3. I normally don’t read articles like that because they make me mad . . . why were they spared and Prince Charming wasn’t. He had just as much to live for as they did. Yea, we’re back to the “why” thing again.

And then I read this sentence . . . “God doesn’t throw protection around like that for no reason. He does it because he’s not finished with us.” And I had what Prince Charming called a “BFO” or Brilliant Flash of Obvious and a sense of calm finally settled on my heart. I had jokingly said several times that Prince Charming’s Dad had a big project in Heaven and needed Prince Charming’s help but I didn’t really believe it. It was just a way to cope with the loss. But there was something in that sentence that made it all clear to me. Prince Charming’s work on Earth was done and God had bigger projects for him. Just like the couple in the article didn’t suffer any serious injuries in the accident, Prince Charming didn’t suffer during his accident. God protected Prince Charming the same way he protected the young couple. Sure the outcome in Prince Charming’s case was different but I can’t deny that God had a hand in it.

I still have some rough days ahead of me as the second anniversary approaches and as I continue on this sad journey without my beloved Prince Charming but somehow things seem a little better.



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Good News . . . Bad News

Like a gazillion people, I bought a Power Ball ticket on Friday night.  And I had big plans for the millions of dollars I would win!

Bad news is . . . I didn’t win.

Good news is . . . nobody won.

So I still have a chance!!


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Red Kitchen Aid Mixer

For many many years I’ve wanted a red Kitchen Aid mixer.

You know, the cool stand mixer that does everything and looks so fabulous on your counter.  Yea, that one.  I’ve wanted one for longer than I can remember.

But there are a couple of problems with that desire . . .

I don’t bake or cook enough to justify spending $400 on a mixer.

The kitchen in The Little House is, well, little . . . and I don’t have enough space on the counter to house a large Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

But I still want one . . . and my Mom knows about it my love of a red Kitchen Aid Mixer and laughs at my continuous debate on whether I should buy one.

So this year when I told Mom I needed a new hand mixer (because the one I got as a wedding present over 30 years ago is about to stop working), she surprised me with . . .

2015-12-25 13.42.02

My very own red Kitchen Aid mixer!!

(Just when I thought neither one of us had any Christmas spirit this year, she surprised me with this and I’ve been laughing about it since Christmas Day.  I told her it was the best Christmas present I’ve gotten in a long time.)






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