Just Another Day

I’ve tried really hard to have some Christmas spirit . . .

I put up the tree, I decorated the house, I sent out Christmas cards, I put up lights outside, I bought presents . . .

But there’s something missing . . .

It’s my first Christmas without Dad . . .

My second Christmas without Prince Charming . . .

Yesterday morning seemed like any other day . . .

I got up early, I had a cup of coffee, I walked the dogs, I made bacon and French toast for breakfast . . .

I made deviled eggs and Magic Cookie Bars to take to Mom’s for the family dinner . . .

It seemed like any other family party day . . . but it wasn’t the same.

And it probably never will be the same ever again.



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One response to “Just Another Day

  1. The older we get the more people there are that are missing, but there are more people there who weren’t there when they were around. But still x, it’s hard to get into that spirit because the older we are the faster the years go by one holiday after another zip zip zip so it feels I only go through the motions.

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