Second Christmas

This picture was taken in 2011 . . . it was our first Christmas together in *cough* 33 *cough* years.  Prince Charming and I went to see the lights at Clifton Mill.  It was a wonderful evening full of fun and laughter . . . and hot chocolate to warm us up after we looked at everything.

Prince Charming helped a young couple by taking their picture in front of the lights and they returned the favor and took this picture of us.  I loved it so much I have it framed and it sits on the buffet in the dining room here at The Little House.

Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of our trip to Clifton Mill.  For some reason Facebook kept posting this picture as a “On This Day” memory every time I logged on yesterday.  While it’s a lovely picture of us and one of my favorites, for some reason it made me sad yesterday to keep seeing it pop up.

I’m really struggling with the “Second Christmas” stuff.  I thought last year and the “First Christmas” stuff was bad and I thought I had a clue on how to handle this.  Little did I know that the “Second Christmas” is even harder . . .

And Facebook thinks it’s helping but it’s not . . . not really . . .


Clifton Mills


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2 responses to “Second Christmas

  1. Dori from AZ

    Pam, your second Christmas without your sweetie has passed and you are probably relieved it is over. It will always remain a hard holiday for you no matter how many years – I know it is for me. But I want to tell you I loved your Christmas card with you peeking over the corner. Perfect. Also I am so glad you are blogging on a regular basis – I love reading them so if you can please keep it up in 2016. I have a FEELING 2016 will be a GOOD year for you !!

  2. bigdogmompam

    Dori, the picture of me was taken at the 2014 Straight No Chaser concert. My dear friend was taking a picture of the stage and I photobombed her. She wasn’t too happy with me, but that picture makes my older sister laugh every time she sees it – so it seemed perfect for my Christmas card.

    The Second Christmas sucked as bad as I thought it would (see today’s post). But it wasn’t all bad . . . I think some of my “meh” mood has to do with the fact that it was 62 degrees in Ohio on Christmas Day. Yes, I missed having cold weather and snow for Christmas.

    I hope you are right about 2016. At least so far it looks promising. I start a new, very interesting job on January 4 . . . and yes, I’m working on a post on that as well. My plan is to keep blogging regularly in 2016. Probably not every day . . . .

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